Wipro Technologies Interview-HR Interview Contributed by GAURAV TYAGI updated on Jul 2020
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Place-   Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut .


I' m GAURAV TYAGI                                                                          


WIPRO a name that does not need any sort of introduction. Well we were fortunate enough to have WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES for our campus placements. Well, the selection procedure comprises of PPT, Aptitude Test, Technical Interview &finally H.R.Interview.

The PPT comprises of a long session, where the company people tell about the background of the company. Their morals, Values & Ethics are the
Strong Foundations upon which the whole company stands tall. Thus these are the parameters upon which WIPRO checks its applicants. Well listen to the PPT carefully, since these talks are beneficial at time of interviews.


WRITTEN  TEST: The Written test of WIPRO comprises of ENGLISH(10) , QUANTITATIVE(20)  & TECHNICAL(20)  questions. The level of English question is very low. It means they are very simple. They are usually 10 in number.

 Quantitative also extremely easy, usually comprises of question like::



 Divisibility Test,


 Profit-Loss-Discount, Etc………………..

The TECHNICAL Questions were from C,C++, UNIX, Etc computer basics. There were question like a program was written and we had to find the mistake. Then there were question like the program was written and we needed to find the output (which usually turned out to be RUN TIME ERROR!!!!!).

There were question like the fastest memory-RAM, ROM, CACHE

                                                                               >>>>  (CACHE of course)

The level of quantitative & Technical question was good. There was NO NEGATIVE Marking, and neither there was any UPPER CUTOFF, so can do your guessing work too.


After you clear the written exam, then only you proceed towards the technical interview. Our written exam result was declared at around 1 p.m.


 TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: After the declaration of the result we proceeded towards the Technical Interview.

  Knock-knock, “may I come in sir?”

  INT: Yes come in please and have a seat!!! (Came a reply in an impressive tone)

 I started feeling nervous, after hearing that tone. I was quite confident initially since a few days ago I was able to clear U.S.TECH campus so I had  a high moral but after hearing that deep throat tone, I started shivering till my spine but I tried not to show it to the interviewer.

  I made myself comfortable on the chair and greeted the interviewer with a pleasing smile.


 INT: well, Gaurav tell me something about yourself.


 G.T.: (I had my script ready, thus I bursted off)

         My name is GAURAV TYAGI, I am from MEERUT .
Presently I am doing my Bachelors of Technology from Bharat  Institute of Technology , Meerut affiliated to UPTU, Lucknow .
I have done my schooling from St.Mary’s Academy, Meerut affiliated To ICSE    & ISCE Boards.
My hobbies are Event Management and Internet surfing.

He took my resume and started reading it.

INT:  What’s your Career Objective??


G.T: My career objective is to work in organization where harmony between professional and
Personal goal is key to shared success where I can enhance my technical, professional and
Interpersonal expertise.


INT: what’s this Mechnovation in your resume?


G.T: It’s a University level Technical Competition held at RKGIT, in which we worked in as a
Team to make a working machine to perform a given specific task.


INT:  Where had you been for this paper presentation?


G.T: sir this paper was presented at Kohlapur Institute of Technology, Kolhapur Maharashtra.
Where we presented the various aspects of CVT’s (continuously variable transmissions)
We didn’t won there but Participation was a great experience to our TEAM.


INT: Well tell me something about your projects?


G.T: Sir since I am in third year now so we have to the project in final year. We are preparing
For that. We have formed the team & and we planning to do something in Mechatronics.
For that we are around 5 people 3 from mechanical and 2 from electronics. We are
Searching for some good topic and will be utilizing the free time during the vacations for
Our projects.


INT: what are computer languages you know?

G.T.: Sir, since already told you in my introduction that I am doing my B.Tech in mechanical
Stream so I have only been ACQUAINT with C in first semester of my B.Tech.


INT: Can you write me any program in C?

G.T: yes sir


INT: O.K., Then write me a program to in put a string into an array.
I took a paper and asked for 2 minutes time and wrote the program


INT: Now I want to find out the possible number of Combination of this string

I wrote that also


INT: OK, now I want to find that if the given string is palindrome or not?
now I got him, he was getting more and more specific, although I knew the program but I
Denied to him.

G.T.: I am extremely sorry sir, since being in mechanical stream I am not that much through
With C; I do remember the basics but can’t apply at this point.


INT: OK, Let’s take your branch. Tell me the Thermodynamics laws and the applications of

I told him fluently

INT: ok tell me about the CARNOT CYCLE?
I drew the Carnot cycle and calculated its efficiency


(he started moving him hand in the H.R.Forms, I got a hint that I was about to get the H.R. form, which means that I was almost in. in wipro’s technical round you are not given the H.R.form then it means that you are out. And he started marking something on the form)

Now he again asked my career objective which I stated as before.

INT: To be in a software field I must know at least 2-3 programming languages, one database Management, etc. since during the training I’ll be getting only 3 months thus not time Learn these thing (!!!I got the hint that I was in!!)

G.T: I’ll be learning these things beforehand, during my vacations.


Then he smilingly gave me the H.R.FORM, and firmly hand shook me .I thanked him and got out of room like flying in air.


H.R.INTERVIEW:    knock-knock, “may I come in”!!


H.R.: Sure, come in and have a seat.
(I was greeted by a very beautiful lady with a charming smile, sitting very smartly)


H.R:  Please introduce yourself.

G.T:  Life comprises of challenges, so let’s face some challenges- this is the
My name is GAURAV TYAGI, I am from MEERU Presently I am doing my Bachelors of Technology from Bharat Institute of Technology , Meerut affiliated to UPTU, Lucknow .
I have done my schooling from St.Mary’s Academy, Meerut affiliated  
To ICSE    & ISCE Boards.
My hobbies are Event Management and Internet surfing.

H.R: Tell me something about your projects?

(I replied again the answer given in technical interview)


H.R: OK, what are your preferences of location?

G.T: Gurgaon, Bangalore & pune (I gave justification for these i.e., metropolitan, etc)

H.R: what you expect from WIPRO?

G.T: Healthy working environment, career growth, good training, etc.

H.R: what do u want know about wipro?

 (I asked one or two questions after that I thanked her and came out)

At about 8 pm, the results were declared and I was the lucky one to gat selected in 21 out of total 100 students.