Wipro Technologies Interview-HR Interview Contributed by Somnath Chakraborty updated on Jan 2021


Hi Guys,

I am Somnath Chakraborty. I have been selected by WIPRO .I am Electronics & Electrical Engineer studying at KIIT. The written was a toughnut to crack as the techincal was full of C/C++, UNIX, Data structure, DBMS, Software Engineering.

After the written the most toughest part was there i.e 'THE TECHNICAL'. I was grilled on lot of topics like Electrical Machines (Motors and Generators),C++ i.e polymorphism, inheretence, function overriding, malloc,calloc. Then he asked me to draw all the parts of Motor. He was convinced with my technical answers (as I am a non-C.S/I.T student). He was checking my way of answering than my answers. Then he gave me the H.R form. I was happy that I was through the Tech. round. It was almost a round of rejection as their intentions were to reject maximum. Then was the H.R which was really cool.

In H.R the madam asked me :
Mam: What r ur goals 5yrs from now?
Me: join WIPRO, gain knowledge and contribute towards achieving goals and objective of WIPRO.
Mam: Why have u joind KIIT?
Me: Gives me a good platform to excel n bla bla ....................................................
Mam: Why do you want to join WIPRO?\
Me: WIPRO is a huge brand in India. It is into various sectors other than Software and it is a huge family. I would like to join the family n contribute towards the success of WIPRO.

She was very much please with my last answer n shook hand with me. I was almost sure I would be selected after the H.R Finally the results came n I was selected. It was probably the happiest moment of my life till date.

Best of luck to other aspirants. Hope to see you at WIPRO.