Wipro Technologies Interview-HR Interview Contributed by Aniruddha Dutta updated on Jan 2021


hi !!  i suppose u guys dot hav enough time to go through evry single shit. so let me b precise..

the apti got  three section .It had got sectional cut offs(only known 2 god and the company).The first one was english.It had 4 analogy,4 opposites ,4 synonyms,compressin phrases,readin comprehension,arranin up frm jumbled up order.overall it was easy.

 the nxt section was quanti.it had a bit of almost evry thing frm mixture,%,profit and loss,time and distance,simple interest ,puzzles and even coming to conclusion frm paragraphs. actually this section need practice and if u r a few campussing old by now i think u can make some smart gusses as there is no negative markin(but b sure by askin )

The last was the IT-awareness section.Consist of 10 questions,askin outputs for c-programs.But may b it got the he highest sectional cut off..so b careful.. 

The apti was followed by a technical interview:
1.so u r frm ECE, y do u want to shift to IT?
2.so if tommorow some core company offer u a higher pay package wl u leave wipro?
3.wat is thyristor?what is switch? wat is their diff?y do we use thyristor i industry?
4.wat is ur fav subject?
5.how many equations wl b needed to solve 5 variables?
6.can it b solved by less than 5 equations? if no y?
7.name an instrument used in ur lab? (named CRO)
8.how does thae CRT works?wat is the difence b/w technologies in plasma, TFT and CRT? 

he handed me the HR form.. 

me: Hallo mam!
mam: Hallo! please b seated.
me :thanku mam.
mam: tell me abut ur family background and urself?
me: bla bla bla..
mam: so u r the only child?
me: yes mam.
mam: so u r the pampared..a bit spoiled too??
me: a bit mam...
mam: u deserved tat anyway.
me: smile.
mam: so apart frm studies wat the other side of aniruddha?
me: i like to lsten to music,read a lot and also bit into writing.
mam: so wat exactly u write??
me: well mam..nothing in particular ..may b if i get this job today iwill write on it.
mam: oh! so wlu mention me there?
me: obviously mam.
mam: then please do write some thing good about me.When ever i go through those Fresher"s world pages i see people writin vry bad things about me.(but guys i m still thinking how on earth people can write such things.She was so warm and cordial all throughout not only with me  but with all of my frnds, and tat the only reason i m here..mam i kept my promise!!!)
mam: tell me 3 points which attract u to wipro.
me: told.
mam: its nice talkin to u..thanku.
me:thanks mam. 

i wish u all the bst to all u guys out there.