Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Revanth Gandla updated on Jul 2020
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Wipro is a largest software company based on India.This is a candidate experience paper for student’s reference. Meanwhile consider this paper as a sample or model of placement paper. Find Solved Placement Papers of Wipro technologies. Questions have been compiled across different patterns and sections of Wipro papers.So practice well on your part and make use of it.   

                                        Wipro Candidate Experiences

Hi All,
I'm  Revanth from IIIT, RKV.... I wanna share my wipro interview experience with u.As u all know WIPRO is one of the largest IT company in the world. It's employing more than 1.6 lakh employees.. Every IT graduate dreams about working in this type of great company..Wipro has visited our campus on 3rd October 2015.

Selection process contains 4 rounds
1.Group Discussion
2.Online Written test
3.TR interview
4.HR interview

For the GD , prepare current topics which are happening not only in india but also around the world. We have given the topic "Digital India". Basically GD is to be completed in 15 minutes consisting of 15 members in each group. Although other groups finished in 15 minutes but for our group it went around 55 minutes. So Be prepared for. 9 out of 15 were selected from our group. Totally 192 out of 240 students were shortlisted for written test.

Online written test:

It mainly consist of 5 sections.
1.Quantitative Aptitude
2.Logical Reasoning
4.Technical ability (C ,Java)
5.Written Communication test (We have to write an essay about given topic in english in a given time).Just go through "RS Agarwal". Its more than enough.Only 50 out of 192 were shorlisted.

TR Interview:

For me TR interview went for 20 minutes.Questions are,
1.Tell me about urself
2.How good u at C ?
3.What is the difference b/w Arrays and Pointers?
4.Double pointer?
4.Binary tree?
6.Example for structure?
7.Program for swapping without using third variable.
8.Are u OK with reallocation?
9.Do u knw about BOND?

So in TR, HR also covered for me..


This round is not mandatory for all candidates... Only a few randomly selected candidates were called for HR. My frnds told that it went smoothly and only for just 5-10 minutes..

Total process lasted upto about 1'o clock..We were excited and tensed too much for the results. But we had to be waited for almost 3 days... and lastly they declared the results,47 out of 50 were selected. And by god's grace I was one of them... Fortunately that was also my birthday so my happiness was gone beyond the limits..

So guys be prepared for anything. Because "We can''t expect the unexpected"..