Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Uddipan updated on Jul 2020
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Wipro is a largest software company based on India. Wipro placement papers of aptitude and technical interview questions and answers. This is a previous year placement paper for student’s reference. Meanwhile consider this paper as a sample or model of placement interview. So practice well on your part and make use of it.

                                           Wipro Candidate's Experiences

Hello friends,

I am Uddipan ghosh.Today I want to share my interview experience with all of you. Hope it will help you.Wipro came to our college on 22nd may.First round was online test - Verbal (15) , reasoning (25) , aptitude (15). Total (55) in 70 mins (it was easy but you need to practice).Second round was communication test/essay writing - My topic was 'old vs new ideology' in 20 mins.After then name was declared for the final round i.e. TR+HR.Hopefully, thanks to god My name was there.

From now on 'I' as interviewer.
'M' as me.

I - What is your name?
M - Uddipan ghosh.

I - Then what should I call you uddipan or ghosh.
M - As you like sir (very funny).

I - No no you suggest.
M - My friends call me yudi. You can also sir.

I - OK then yudi tell me something about yourself?
M - Told (very much prepared).

I - So what are your hobbies.
M - Told.

I - Have you done any project.
M - Yes.

I - Tell me something about that.
M - Told briefly.

I - What do you know about ease.
M - Told (Google).

I - Do you know about bond?
M - Yes sir 4 years.

I - Do you have any year gap?
M - No sir.

I - Do you have any backlog?
M - No sir.

I - OK fyn that's it from my side. Do you have any questions.
M - Yes sir what areas should I improve if I join in your company (tricky one).

I - You don't need to change anything just be urself.
M - Thank you sir. Its pleasure meeting you.

Then at the last moment before closing the door.

M - Hope to see you soon sir .
I - Yeah sure.

Then waited for around 3 hrs. But they said you will get mail tomorrow if you are selected.Then very next day at 4.55 pm I got the mail. Placed in wipro Wase.Everyone who are preparing just be confident.

Thank you. See you soon in wipro.