Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Erode updated on Jan 2021

Wipro campus placemat drive recruitment procedure 2014 I attended Wipro placement in Vellalar College of Engineering, Erode. around 250 students were attended in that recruitment process. Here Iam sharing wipro new and latest placement procedure and written test pattern my experiences in wipro drive Wipro placement papers questions with answers. Wipro placement procedure first sections was wipro Preplacement talk

After completed the Pre Placement Talk about one hr, selection process have been started.
Wipro Group discussion
Wipro on line written test
Wipro HR Interview

Wipro Group discussion
In that discussion about 15 members in my panel. Topic was Equality among Individuals! Possible or not?, in that my hr were talked about this topic about 10 mins, he said, "don't talk about the blood are same in color, same heart so equality is possible like that". And we've discussed about 15 mins. 5 out of 15 got selected in that discussion. I am one among them.

Wipro on line written test 

In the online test they asked to register some of the details about our academic and the test contains:

30 from reasoning Seating Arrangement, odd man out, passage conclusion, etc).

20 from quants (time and work, time and distance, simple and compound interest, shares).

It was quite easy to complete but it was tricky too.

Among my batch who have cleared GD (i.e.5 mem) 3 out of 5 got selected. I'm the one among that 3.

About 37 got selected out of 200+ for the HR interview.

Next round HR one on one Interview.

Wipro Essay writing test

Before that we have to write essay writing. They have given me a topic" Secularism in India"

After that analyzing the mark sheets I went for HR round about 8.15 p.m.

Wipro HR Interview
How was the Day
Which movie you watch
Narrate that story
what's your view about secularism?
What is IP
What is Web Server?
Why Wipro?
What is good Platform? What are the qualities of good platform?
What is Greatest Strength?

Finally results have been declared at 9.15 p.m.

25 out of 37 were selected. but fortunately I was rejected. 

But it was the pleasant experience, which was good and make myself to improve my communication and ready for any questions will be shooted in HR.

So be confident, don't hesitate, be yourself..