Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Anupom updated on Jul 2020
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Hi friends, 

Wipro visited FIEM campus on 30th September 2013 to take GD and aptitude test and 1st October 2013 to take technical and HR interview. 

On the 1st day one of wipro's HR gave a very good presentation on career at wipro. 

After almost 1hr of presentation they told all the participating candidates to go for a GD round which will be a elimination round.

A group of 15 students are selected in one group of GD. 

One HR will be taking the GD of each individual group. 

They gave a topic and told to think about it for 1 min, after that they will call a random name & he/she has to start talking on that topic for atleast 1 min. 

Topics like "Privatisation", "Real estate bubble" etc are being asked.

After clearing the GD round students are asked to sit for the online aptitude test which has got 4 sections

Programming(25 questions in 35 mins): mainly output of a program, time complexity of code, data structure (from tree, graph), basic c and basic c++(like private,public,protected) etc.

Quantitative(14 questions in 14 mins): surds, hcf/lcm, percentage, time & work, mixture-alligation, profit & loss etc.

Logical(16 questions in 16 mins): series, coding decoding, direction test, statement conclusion etc.

Verbal section(18 questions in 16 mins): 2 passages, antonyms, synonyms, fill in the blanks, statement correction etc.

Those who have cleared the aptitude test are given a 4 page wipro form to fillup which is very much necessary for interview purpose. 

Prepare the things you want to write in fields like- Achievements, Hobbies, Strengths, Areas of improvement, why you ? etc and details about your projects undertaken etc.

After this they will give one essay to write in just 10 mins.

In the technical round every panel is different from the other one. Some panel is asking from networking, s/w engineering. Some from C/Java, data structure. 

Some from projects etc etc. It depends on the panel. Nothing can be said in particular.

Those who will clear the technical will be called for an HR interview. 

HR questions are totally based on the things that you have mentioned in the wipro form

Write neatly & be sure what you are writing. You might have to explain everything you have written over that form. 

Be honest with your answers and you might get selected in WIPRO.