Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Manoj joshi. updated on Jul 2020
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Hi friend, 

My name is Manoj joshi.

I attended wipro technologies interview. Let me tell you my Interview Experience.

The criteria of wipro was 60% in graduation with no backlog.

The entire process is as follows:
1. Group discussion.
2. Online test (verbal and aptitude).
3. Essay writing.
4. H.R and technical.

It was a pool campus held at sgrrits, Dehradun and about 400 to 500 students took part in it.

They started by giving a short presentation on wipro and explained about the wase program in the wipro.

After that they made a group of 20 students and took them according to their group into the g.d room. There they gave the topic to us (my was "Is internet good or bad" ). My plus point was that i started the discussion by giving my opinion about the topic. There criteria was to select 5 students out of group of 20. 

This was the main elimination round.

Then the short listed candidates were send to computer lab for online test.

The online test contains 2 modules i.e logical ability and quantitative ability.

Logical ability part consists of 20 questions and time period of 30 minutes and 
Quantitative ability consists of 40 questions and time period of 45 minutes.

The online test was a bit tricky.

The main thing was that we can't move backward once we have completed any question. 

43 students were selected for the next round.

The next phase was to fill our details in the form and to write the essay on the given topic (my topic was "If you were not in this field then which field you would have chosen). I wrote a one page essay on it.

The final round was an H.R round. There they asked some general questions like:

Tell me about yourself?

What improvement you want to make in yourself?

Can you relocate?

Tell about your achievements?

From where you know about wipro?

Do you know any of your senior who was placed in wipro?

What are your strength?

Do you know about wase program?
And bla bla.....

Finally the result was declared next day and 20 students were got selected.

IT was a memorable time for me.