Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Vineeth updated on Jul 2020
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This is my experience of attending the Wipro recruitment held at Ernakulam by Shreds.

There were 3 rounds

1) Aptitude test 2) Technical interview  3) HR.

I am 2012 passout B.Tech(ECE). The Aptitude test was simple and is easy to attend. Just basic aptitude, English language and technical questions which include some from linux, OS, Java etc. Each section has seperate cutoff and its safe if you know the English and aptitude section.

The Technical interview was of quite standard. There were just 2 panels for around 50 persons.  I waited for around 10 hours for my turn.  The interviewer was  a pleasant person and asked about my college, area of interest, aim in life.

For me the interview appeared simple as mainly questions from:

1. My favourite subject. I replied digital and control systems and simple questions from that.(Kmap, Demorgan law)

2. Main project.

3. I had done BSNL certificate course in mobile technologies. So some from that like difference between CDMA, GSM etc.

4. Finally he asked about my programming experience.  I replied that I had learned C but was not confident with it. So he told"What shall I ask"? I told him I was undergoing course for C and Java and hope to be a skilled programmer. He smiled and took the HR form and asked me to fill it.

My HR round was held 1 hour later. I was the last person. The HR person was tired from all the interviews and hurried me inside.  But I found him to be a little serious.  (Don't worry. That is just testing your stress)
Some questions like introduce yourself, The difference between me and all others who had attended. Why should we hire an EC graduate like you, Some General knowledge questions.

So on the whole these recruitments are simple and any average person with 60% marks and with little or no programming knowledge can easily get by.

Thank you.