Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Dolly updated on Jul 2020
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Hi, Guys.

Wipro came to our college on 9th December. The eligibilty criteria is same as all the companies i.e 60% UG.

The selection process starts with a pre-placement talk followed by written test and interview.

The written test is offline and it has no negative marking  provided sectional cut-off.  Written test consists of verbal reasoning, aptitude and technical cut-off is based on the students performance on that day.

I didn't remember much questions in verbal, they mostly asked about meanings of the words, phrases, and fill in the blanks.

They gave a big paragraph. Don't waste your time by reading the paragraph, as they will ask only 1 or 2 questions from the paragraph.

Verbal reasoning is some triky and as there is no negative marking we can attempt all the questions.
coming to aptitude, questions are based o basic time and distance, %'s, avg, areas etc.   Aptitude is a easy section as all are well prepared for it.

In Technical section, all are basic computer fundamentals. Core branch students shouldn't feel much on this section as they will ask about output of a simle program in C. some number conversions, and logic gates.

The test is of one hour. After one hour of test completion they announced results.
They selected 79 from 150+ students.

There will be a written communication test for selected candidates, It is of 10 mins.
My topic is "modern work environment & stress".

I am waiting for interview.