Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Nazreeya updated on Jul 2020
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Hi to All,

Let me start with the happy news tat now am a Wiprovite.

There were three sections as usual: (No negative mark but with sectional cutoff)

1. Written test
And there were 3 sections

A) Verbal: Synonym, direct and indirect speech, active passive. (20 questions and I got score 8) the cutoff varies for each dept and am an IT student.

B) Aptitude: General apt from ages , numbers n so on... Agarwal book is sufficient 2 prepare for this section. (20 questions and I got score 8)

C) Technical: I guess it was the toughest part. Questions from C, microprocessor, Logic gates and some conversions from binary to digital so on. 
You can expect questions from any subject in this section. (10 questions and I gotta score

6) The cutoff varies for each dept!

Note: Please attend all the questions. And all you need is 2 manage the time properly! give equal importance 2 all sections since we sectional cutoff. 
And I got cleared in 1st round. It was on 6th December and since it was already late night, next rounds were on next day!

2. Technical round:

I entered in the hall at 8.30 and they called names according to alphabetical order, I was one among the last group of people: ( in 1st half day since they called from(A to N), went I was about to enter the interview hall, its was lunch time (2.30 pm) and they asked me 2 come as 1st candidate in 2nd half of the session. I forgot that I was hungry and I was informed by my friends that previous candidates who went in for interview were asked to write sample C programs of their choice. I just revised the prime no and armstrong no programs and went in before they completed their lunch.

I entered the interviewers cabin with full hope. 
My mind was completely blank! one sir was there and he got my resume, asked me 2 take my seat. He went through my resume for 2 mins silently. Then he started with questions like:

1. Introduce about yourself. I said about my schooling, family (Just introduction), my interests

2. Why did you choose DBMS as your Area of interest. I said
And some questions on DBMS about query and keys.

3. Tell me something about biometrics. (since I have mentioned it in resume as my paper presentation topic he asked me that)

4. What technologies you know so far?

5. Write the code for database connectivity between PHP and MySQL (Since I said Php in the technologies I know, I was asked to write it) and I wrote a two line code.

6. Can you embed HTML with PHP and if so write the code? I wrote

7. Difference between MySQl and Ms SQl I didn't know I said frankly (Be frank don't try to convince them with some answer that you are not clear)

8. Why do we use SQl when My SQL is an open source?

9. Disadvantage of My SQl?

10. Why should I hire you?

11. Will you be able to relocate?

12. Have you ever stayed away from your parents?

13. Will you give me a written agreement tat you will not ask for transfer to your home city? (And he said the reason why he asked this question to me. Its since many candidates promise that they wont ask for transfer when they get job and once when they join it, will keep requesting for working in their home town.

14. Tell me your interested area (programming or testing) to work with. I said testing is also fine and told that I have worked with a testing tool. He asked me to explain about it and I did)

15. Which location do you like to work? ( I said 5 location names and said anything is fine. He added the 6th and said mostly you will not be put there in that 6th but just know that there is a center there too.

16. He asked me about the service agreement.

Finally he said "GOOD" and gave me the application to be filled in order to proceed to the HR round and to my surprise he filled the mandatory details by himself by looking into my resume. He filled it for non other candidates. I felt proud. Then he asked me whether am aware of why he gave me this application. I said yes! to attend the HR round. He just smiled.

After leaving the hall I realized that I was questioned for about 1 hr. I took a deep breathe and started 2 fill my application with hope.

3. HR Round:
I was waiting in a hall for call from HR. One after the other my friends came into the hall. We started chatting inside the hall. HR called one by one and each person was questioned for about 5 mins. It was my turn.

I wished him good eve with a smile. He smiled back and wished me too. And my questions were

1. Introduce about yourself? I said

2. Why were you not selected in TCS? I said I was very confident about TCS but I don't know why I was not selected.

He replied "May be a better chance is waiting for you!! Good luck". (Those words gave me confidence and I was very sure that I would be a Wiprovite from that night)

Then he asked me 2 leave. That's it I came out of the library hall of my college.
Result was announced after 5 hrs! My name was called out at last (My eyes filled with happy tears: I Hugged my friends). Those were memorable moments of my life! Wished 2 share with you friends, I did!

Best of luck to you all!