Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Pradeep reddy updated on Jul 2020
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Hi Friends,
I got placed in Wipro Technologies on December 1st from SRM University. I would like 2 share my experience with you.
There were totally 3 rounds   1. Written Test 2. Technical round 3. HR round
Written consisted of   1. English: 20 questions cutoff-around 12 2. Aptitude: 20 questions cutoff around 12. 3. Technical: 10 cutoff around 4 (I'm an ECE student. For csc its high) Totally 50 questions 60 minutes.   There was higher cutoff also so nswer 75% of questions even you know all. Important totally 1600+ students attended the written nd 857 cleared it. Luckily I was 1 among them.   After the written test we were told to write an essay on the given topic. You will be given 10 mins time be careful. Even there is no elimination in this round this will be asked in your technical round. This is to test your commuinication skills.   On the next day all the 857 students had their technical and HR round. For technical round choose any two subjects that you know very well and prepare the basics. For non csc and it students along with two subjcts of your interest also learn all basics of C and some important programs in C that is enough. For M-Tech students prepare well your project because all M-Tech students were asked 2 explain the project in technical. For me technical round lasted for 20 minutes.   If they are satisfied with your performance you will b given a form to fill. Which means you are qualified for the next HR round. I did well and got promoted 2 hour round. 457 studends out of 857 cleared technical round. HR round was cooolll. They will ask you general questions be careful while filling in the form. Most of the questions will come from the form filled by you. Stay cool answer well.   They will test your communications skills here. Only if you are very weak in english they will reject else you are in. If you clear technical round 95% your in sadly 51 students out of 457 got rejected in HR round. So dun get carried away 1ce you clear your technical. There is also elimination in HR. I was asked about myself and some general questions. I answered very confidently. Confidence is very important here.     The next day morning at 9.30 am the results were announced and 406 students out of 457 got in to Wipro and i was one among them don't loose hope. Its very important be confident enough. You can do it.   All the best!   See you in Wipro soon.