Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by MERAJ updated on Jul 2020
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Hi friends I attended off campus in Hyderabad……………

There were 3 rounds




In written exam there  were three sections

1.Aptitude- 20 questions

2.English- 20 questions

3.Technical- 10 questions

Written exam was tough i.e. it was time taking. As there was sectional cut off I concentrated every section equally….. in aptitude questions were based on profit loss, ages, percentages, puzzles,etc. in English a lengthy passage was asked along with antonyms, direct speech, active passive voices, match the following sentence corrections & fill in the blanks. In technical 2 c code snippets were asked, 2 problems on operations system scheduling & some questions on unix.

Only  10% of the candidates cleared written & I was one among them. Next round was technical


Tell me about your project?

Tell me about yourself?

Do you watch news?

Tell me five incidents that happened for long time in the year 2011?

What are your good qualities?

Some questions on my interested areas which I mentioned in resume(very basic)

I cleared technical round & they gave me a form to fill ………….

Next round was HR round.


What is your father?
Do you have a sister?

What you have been doing from the past 6 months?

Are you willing to relocate?

They said me to wait for 1 week to know the result……….. right now I am a bit tensed & waiting for the result.  Hope God will place me in Wipro.