Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Venue updated on Jul 2020
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Venue: Oriental Institute of Science and Technology
Date: 28-08-2010
No. of students selected on 28th August: 39


Around 170 students cleared the Written Test. Out of which 110 were interviewed on 28th and the rest were interviewed on 12th September. Mine interview was held on 12th September.


No. of Students selected on 12th September: 10


A total of 49 students were selected from Oriental Group of Institutes.


Written Test:


Written test was quite easy consisting 4 sections:

  • English
  • Quant
  • Reasoning
  • Technical

    Section cut-off was there in each section.


    Two interviews were there one was Technical and the other was HR.

    After clearing Technical, a candidate was sent to HR round.







    To clear Technical round your basics should be clear and one should not loose confidence in between the interview.

      Tech. HR: What are your Area of Interests?

    Me: C, C++, JAVA, Data Structures.

    Tech HR: Ok, What is Data Structure?

    Me: Told Basic Definition

      Tech HR: Types of Data Structure?

    Me: Linear and Non Linear and told the definition as well with examples

      Tech HR: Tell me where Linear and Non Linear Data Structures are used?

    Me: Linear are used in Recursion and Compiler Design and I was not sure about Non Linear but said that it is used in Hierarchical Data Model.

      Tech Hr: So, What is Hierarchical Data Model?

    Me: Told the basic Definition.

      Tech HR: have you ever done practical on Hierarchical Data model?

    Me: No Sir.

      Tech HR: what is RDBMS?

    Me: RDBMS is based on Relation Model, which consists of two dimensional tables in which there are certain attributes and tuples.

      Tech HR: ok, what is a tuple?

    Me: a row

      Tech HR: So say the basic terminology don’t say complex word.

    Me: Ok sir.

      Tech Hr: Do you know about Garbage Collector in JAVA? Is it Default?

    Me: Sir, There is a concept of Automatic Garbage Collector in java due to which the programmer does not bother about the objects to free.

      Tech HR: So we do not use Destructors in JAVA?

    Me: Sir, Destructors are not in JAVA.

      Tech HR: And in C++?

    Me: We have to make a Destructor in C++ if we want to free the memory.

      Tech HR: What is Abstraction?

    Me:  Abstraction means that we provide only those details which are essential to user. Like a Car, in which a engine is there but a driver do not bother about the internal working of engine. He only bothers about driving

      Tech HR: good, why should I bother about the internal working when I have go somewhere by driving.

    Tech HR: what is Object Oriented Programming?

    Me: Told the Basic definition

      Tech HR: what is an Object?

    Me: Told with example

      Tech HR: what is a Class?

    Me: Told with example

      Tech HR: Some questions from projects..

    Me: told

      Tech HR: Ok Pravesh, Take the form and Go for the HR round and All the best.

    Me: Thank you sir..!!




    HR Round:


    Simple questions were asked there in HR round related to my college life and my forthcoming life. One should have to clear about his views and thoughts while going for HR interview.


    I was asked some questions like

    1) Why you haven’t been selected in any of the companies yet?

    2) What were the questions asked in those campuses?

    3) What kind of Preparation you done after facing rejection from those campuses?

    4) Then looking at my achievements in the form, she asked me that it seems that you have represented your college so many times and I like your kind of guys who do something to represent their college.

    5) Then she looked at my strengths mentioned in from, and asked me that tell me the situation in which you have faced good leadership and good team membership quality?

    6) Tell me what will you choose? Satisfactory Job or High Paid Job? And why?

    7) Why do you want to join WIPRO?

    8)  Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years?

    9) What are your future goals in your personal life?

    Thank you, Pravesh. And wait for the result and All the best.



    After waiting outside for around 2 hours HR came with a list containing name to 10 candidates and I was one of them. That day was my Birthday and WIPRO gave me a very nice gift. Thanks to WIPRO.