Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by K.Pradeep Reddy updated on Jul 2020
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hi friends, i am pradeep of final year bapatla engineering college.i am glad to say that i got placed in wipro .freshersworld has helped me a lot to get through the campus interviews. now i want to share my experiences with you friends . wipro has come to our campus on 18 june 2007.450 students attended the written test and 97 got through it and finally 26 members got placed in wipro.

the detailed pattern of written test is
1.verbal--------------15 ques 15 marks
2.logical reasoning ---15 ques  15 marks
3.tecnical------------ 20 quest 20 marks

for verbal section the materials u have to refer are
1.my sincere advice is to study word power made easy and then attend any campus so that verbal may be easy
2.one antonym and one sysnonym
3.two correction of sentences
4.three anologies
5.comprehension passage
6.sentence completion
for gre aspirants verbal section was easy 

for logical reasoning
1.follow rs agarwal quantitative aptitude
2.also follow verbal reasoning by rs agarwal for logical deduction,conclusions,blood relations.
3.in quant please do complete ages,averages,time and distances,work,clocks,..etc

for technical section
1.for cse and it there is separate cut off and for other brances there was separate cut off
2.for getting through this i studied test your c skills,and interview success kit which am uploading for you through this. patiently study those 175 pages .definitely
promise you u can get through your tecnical section in written and also the technical interview.
3. in our exam they asked more question on ds and unix .

there is section wise cut off so be careful. after written there was tecnical interview and hr interview for me tecnical interview was for 40 min and  hr interview was for 20 min

thank you friends. kindly follow the guide lines which i have given you.