Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Ramakrishna updated on Jul 2020
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hi frds I am  RAMAKRISHNA doing my 4rth year B.E. in S.R.K.R. college  BHIMAVARAM. on july 7th  we had wipro re-assessment process at narayana jr. college vijayawada. we  along with students 4rm some other colleges r asked to be there by 8:30 am . the test started  by  10:00 a.m. 

it has  3 sections:
total  55 questions  1 hour time
Aptitude: it has 15 questions some of them r easy .but somewhat time taking when compared to other company quant papers.
prbm  on time and distance , some logical questions r also asked. doable.

English: it also has 15 question. its very easy ican say. rc is given from our 10th class testbook lesson . sentence correction  direct &indirect speech; 1 anology vry vry easy .

Technical: it has 20 questions .  6 to7 r "C" proggrames vry small ones .doable. rest of them r from various computer languages. 10 marks can get from this section  to clear cut off.  out of 167 frm our college 99 cleared written test.

technical in technical interview they looked for high percentages .and good technical knowledge in both core and c language . i know only "C" language.

he asked me about tubelight working & railway signal light  functioning.for some of my frds they asked dvd player t.v.  working etc,. in c he asked me to write swapping program.

even though i  answer is correct or not , i stook my answer. arguing with him.
he asked how can i work in software even though iam electrical student. i explained.
he appreciated my confidence and gave h.r. form.

HR. interview
out of 99  55  qualified for h.r. round . h.r. interview is routine for some of my frds .like
why wipro? why i have to hire u?  tell me about urself. ............
when sat before him  he asked how is my technical interview is?
and he said i got vry average marks in written test . i beleive i performed well in written .so i argued with him in that matter.
he asked "why i have to hire u?"
he gave me a situation that in g.d. 3to4  got frds and they r not allowing others to speak and how to handle such situation?
i told i will support their points first and then come to my point so that they feel iam supporting them.
it took about 11:30 to complete whole process. 

results r mailed to us on 12 th july .out of 55  37 r selected and i am one among them. so frds be confident while answering keep smile on ur face even though it is late in night .