WBPSC Placement Paper |   1180

WBPSC Placement Paper

                                   WBPSC Solved Previous Year Paper

1. The ratio of two number is 4:5 and their L.C.M. is 100. Determine their sum ?
(A) 90 
(B) 40 
(C) 50 
(D) 45

2. Which of the following is a Vector quantity ?
(A) Mass 
(B) Temperature 
(C) Displacement 
(D) Time

3. The character ‘James Bond’ was created by
(A) Ian Fleming 
(B) Harold Robins 
(C) James Hadley Chase 
(D) Jules Verne

4. The author of ‘Padatik’ is
(A) Sukanta Bhattacharyay 
(B) Kazi Nazrul Islam 
(C) Arun Mitra 
(D) Subhash Mukhopadhyay

5. Name the first democratically elected President of Egypt
(A) Mohammed Morsi 
(B) Hosni Mubarak 
(C) Muammar Gaddafi 
(D) Ali Abdullah Saleh

6. In which district of West Bengal did ‘Chhow’ dance originate
(A) Uttar Dinajpur
(B) West Midnapore 
(C) Bankura 
(D) Purulia

7. In an Election for a Panchayat, there were two candidates. A total of 9820 votes were polled. 110 votes were declared invalid. The successful candidate got 6 votes for every 4 votes his opponent had. The margin did the successful candidate win
(A) 1900 
(B) 1930 
(C) 1942 
(D) 1950

8. A Certain work can be done by A and B in 6 days, by B and C in 12 days. If C, alone can do the same work in 36 days then how long will it take to finish the work by. working A, B and C together ?
(A) 5 days 
(B) 5 days 
(C) 5 days 
(D) 5 days

9. Mammary glands are modification of
(A) Sweat gland 
(B) Sebaceous gland 
(C) Salivary gland 
(D) Lacrimal gland

10. An atom of an element differs from an atom of one of its isotopes in the number of
(A) Neutrons in the nucleus 
(B) Protons in the nucleus 
(C) Valence electrons 
(D) Protons outside the nucleus

11. ‘Bhrantibilas’ is a novel by
(A) Iswarcandra Vidyasagar 
(B) Debendranath Tagore 
(C) Rammohan Roy 
(D) Azizul Haque

12. Unit of Wave length is
(A) Cm 
(B) Pascal 
(C) Sec. 
(D) Cm/Sec.

13. According to the Right to Education Act and the recent verdict of the Supreme Court, what percentage of children have to be provided free education in private schools ?
(A) 30% 
(B) 22% 
(C) 25% 
(D) 35%

14. What is the average rate of growth of the Indian economy during the 11th Plan Period ?
(A) 7% 
(B) 7.5% 
(C) 8% 
(D) 8.5%

15. Which emperor has been called ‘Napoleon of India’ ?
(A) Asoka 
(B) Kanishka 
(C) Samudragupta 
(D) Chandragupta II Vikramaditya

16. Which of the following acid can dissolve gold ?
(A) HNO3 
(B) H2SO4 
(C) H2SeO4 
(D) HClO4

17. It has to pay Rs. 225/- as bill when 9 bulbs are used for 30 days using them for 4 hours per day. Find the number of days if 5 bulbs are used for 6 hours per day for the payment of Rs. 375/- against the bill.
(A) 60 
(B) 55 
(C) 50 
(D) 45

18. What type of new Public Sector Bank is proposed set up in the 2013-14 Union Budget of India ?
(A) Agricultural Bank 
(B) Industrial Bank 
(C) Commercial Bank 
(D) Women’s Bank

19. Ustad Amzad Ali Khan is associated with
(A) Violin 
(B) Sarod 
(C) Tabla 
(D) Sitar

20. The compound interest on a certain sum for 2 years is Rs. 410/- and the simple interest for the same period is Rs. 400/-. The rate of interest is
(A) 4% 
(B) 5% 
(C) 4.5% 
(D) 5.1%

21. In 2012, the WHO declared India to be free from which disease ?
(A) Small Pox 
(B) Polio 
(C) Tuberculosis 
(D) Chicken Pox

22. Which Dam is currently at the centre of a controversy tween Kerala and Tamil Nadu ?
(A) Nagarjunasagar Dam 
(B) Mullaperyar Dam 
(C) Perunchani Dam 
(D) Mettur Dam

23. ‘Anna Karenina’ was composed by
(A) Tolstoy 
(B) Gorky 
(C) Dostoevsky 
(D) Turgenev

24. Which of the following pairs is from the same group periodic table ?
(A) Mg, Ca 
(B) Mg, K 
(C) Mg, Cu 
(D) Mg, I

25. The compound interest, calculated yearly, on a certain sum of money for the second year is Rs. 800/- and for the third year is Rs. 864/-. The rate of interest will be
(A) 8% 
(B) 10% 
(C) 9% 
(D) 6%