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Virtusa Whole Testpaper


Hi friends 2day i hv attnded ' Virtusa' test.the test was diffrnt from othrs.It consists of 5 sections.all were multiple choics.there r total 120ques for 120marks.


1.Verbal ability(20 ques)

2.Analytical ability(25 ques)

3.Learning ability(25 ques)

4.C&Datastructures(40 ques)

5.Attention ability(10 ques)

Verbal ability:

I.Fill the blanks with for,a,an,with.(5 ques were given)

II.Fill the blanks with correct words.

eg:I have arrived at Goa & I went to hotel by a taxi.

III.Some questions r given with words underlined.we hv to write the meanings of those words.

eg:He was shelved from college.

Ans: dismissed

Analytical ability:

I. 3 words r given.v hav to r they alike or not.

If all the 3 words r same tick a.

If 1&2 are same tick b.

if 1&3 are same tick c.

if all are diffrnt tick d.

so on...

1.JJJJ234opdk JJJJ243opdk JJJJ234opdk

a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4 Ans:c

2.1024.564 1024.564 1024.564

a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4 Ans:a

so on like that 5 problms are given.


1.+ stands for /,- stands for *, / stands for -,* stands for +.what is the value of 10+25-18/4*5?

7 probs are given in such a way.

III.Data sufficiency 5problms r given.

1.Which costs more?either grapes or oranges?

i)2 boxes of grapes costs Rs.100.

ii)4 boxes of oranges can be replaced with 2boxes of grapes.

a) i only b) ii only c) both i&ii d)none

2.prob on profit&loss

IV.Some reasoning problms r given.

1.A scientist has an id number of 7 digits to enter into the lab.He rembered that the last 3 numbers are 608 or 806.In how many ways he can calculate his Id number & get into the lab.

a)28 b)123 c) d)

The rest i didn't prblms were given on Time&dist or Time& was easy.

Learning ability:

A small passage was given.

1.A competetion on cartoons was held in a newspaper.67 members participated.36 members hv drawn face of politician I.28 members hv drawn politician II.10members hv drawn politician III.3 hv drawn all of the three politicians.12 hv drawn I and 18 hv drawn II. and so on...


1.How many cartoonists hv drawn none of the politicians?

2.Who hv drawn politician II only?

3.Who drew all the politicians?

2.U have to recruit a cook in a big hotel.the person should satisfy the following req"

1)He should hv 3yrs of experience.

2)He should be of 25 yrs age.

3)He should be healthy& no skin diseases should b present.

4)He should gain more than 6marks in culinary tests.

i) If the first req is not satisfied,he must be reported to Head Cook.

ii)If the second is not satisfied,he must be reported to manager.

1)One person is having 2 yrs of experience.he is healthy.he scored 9 out of 10marks.

a)data insufficient b)report to head cook c)report to manager d)accepted Ans:b

5 problems were askd related to this.

3.A big cube was divided into 728 small was painted with black color.(this sort of ques was askd)

1)which cube is painted only one side.

2)which cube is not painted at all.

so on...


1)How does a NODE variable in a linked list is defined?

a)typedef NODE

struct node


NODE *next;



b)typedef struct Node{

NODE *next;



c)struct node


NODE *next;



typedef NODE;

2)Which code suits to swap numbers in this program?



swapv(int &p,int &q);


a)swapv(int *x,int *y)


int *t;





b)swapv(int *x,int *y)


int t;





c)swapv(int x,int y)


int t;





d)swapv(int x,int y)


int *t;





some codes were given & we hv to find out the errors in prog.problems on linked lists,queues like a program was given & code to insert an element,sort a list etc., were given.i don't remembr the rest.

Attention ability

One passage of 3pages was given.he gave a time of 10minutes to read.after 10min he took the paper & gave us the ques paper consisting of 10 ques.we hv to remind the passage & answer the ques.

I thought he was filtering students a lot.later GD is conducted.It followed by a technical exam&HR isa good company.