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Virtusa Interview-Tech Interview


Virtusa Interview Experience




My name is Prateek.I've attended an off campus at Virtusa and got selected.


Rounds of interview:


1.Written exam 


It was conducted by amcat.The major sections in these exam are :


  1. Verbal Section.

  2. Aptitude Section.

  3. Technical Section.

  4. Reasoning Section.



Concentrate more on the Technical section. It mainly consisted of C and Data Structures. Work on the time complexities in ds from placement papers material. Time management is very important while attempting the aptitude section. Regarding the verbal section you need to be thorough with antonyms and synonyms. Focus on Reading Comprehension because it fetches you marks easily.


2. Group Discussion:


Our topic was Google. It was easy but you need to be clear in what your trying to express. Go through all the Current issues.


Example: Fall in the rupee rate. Even that might be your topic.


3. Technical Interview:


Majority of the questions are from Basic C, C++, DBMS, Java and OOPS concepts. If you're attending for QA then the questions would be.


A) Difference between manual and automation.


B) Types of testing.


C) Techniques in white box and black box.


D) Levels of testing.


E) Regression and retesting.




G) Boundary value analysis, Equivalence class partition.


4. HR:


Simple questions like Tell me about yourself, tell me about your family. Stay cool in the HR round. If you're through in the TR then its a heads up. ALL THE BEST :).