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hi to everyone. This is G.V. Rajesh Pursuing my final year B-Tech E.C.E in Sree Vidyanikethan College, Tirupati.
I had my interview recently i.e. on 19/07/2010. Totally 138 members had attended the written test, only 38 of them had selected for the technical round. Out of which only 13 are selected and i am one of them.

The process of interview is



1.Written Test

2.Technical Interview

3.HR interview

The written test is organised and conducted by Merit Trac People

The written test consists of

1.English grammar

2.Analytical Reasoning

3.learning and thinking ability

4.C and Data Structures

5.Document Reading


1.English Grammar: It consists of English grammar part, Correction of sentences, paragraph reading

eg:1.He ran ____ the road.

ans: across

Be thorough with prepositions, correction of sentences. The grammar part is very easy. No need to worry of it.

2.analytical Reasoning: It includes puzzle test, apptitude and otherssss
.better to follow Verbal and Nonverbal by R.S.Agarwal
.this section is also very easy, pay attention to it in the exam its enough

The puzzle given to me is about venn diagram

eg: There are 49 persons who had to travel by train, bus, plane.....

15 of them go by train and bus

12 of them go by all of the three.....   just simply the venn diagram of three circles intersecting each other. 

3.Learning and Thinking ability:

It is very Logical and just concentrate very carefully.....the process will be like this

eg: * stands for +, / stands for - ,+ stands for * ,- stands for / etc;

others  are also simple....... 

4. C and Data Structures :

Mainly this is very typical section. I think this is the elimination round....

the total section deals with C with 20 questions, data structures with 20 questions  and programs are small, medium and long. don't start with long programs...they are very difficult. leave them and try the small one.....

Just be thorough with Basics of C and Data structures you can attempt nearly 15 questions....

5.Document Reading :

This section consisting of giving three pages of document of recent technologies. I got the topic of about security about internet.....

just pick out the some of interesting names and note it.

after 10 min they take the papers and will give 10 questions about the document...........

Technical Interview :

The questions mainly include about the c and data structures...

1.Programs about linked list, sorting, trees........

2.About the computer networks ie on OSI reference model........

I am in ECE student and was asked about my subjects also

It is very quite cool, just know about the latest trends

HR Interview :

The HR interview has also been good.......

just be confident about your self, your goals.........

always be confident and positive

I have lost Written test in Tcs, Infosys but i am very lucky to be placed in Virtusa. I am very proud to be Virtusian.........

Never ..Never...Never...Give up.....

All the best.......