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Virtusa at K.L.N. Engg. College (MADURAI) on 14-07-2010
They conducted the written test . . . of 5 sections All having the sectional cutoff. The total no. of questions was . . 120 They will give the questions of each sections one-by-one and as the time expires they will take back the questions of the earlier sections

a.Section A

English (contains 25 questions time 20 mins.)
The first 5 questions were based on the Article. The next one is the comprehension  about 5-6 questions. (The passage was on the water crisis because of cold drinks company) Then the another 5-6 questions are of sentence correction. 4 sentences were given and you need to choose the correct sentence among the options. And at the last 8-9 questions were of fill in the blanks (with the certain prepositions)

b.Section B

Reasoning (contains 25 questions time 30 mins.)

The first 5 questions were based on the set theory. Some conditions were given and based upon those conditions you need to draw the venn diagram . . and depending upon that . . the answers were given. The next 5 questions were of puzzle . . the questions was like There were 5 brothers name A, B, C, D, E. D is younger than B but elder than E. C is younger than the 3 brothers. Then find the youngest one . . Find the twins The next 5 questions decision making 2 puzzles and about 10 sections. It was like some conditions were given for . . forming the puzzle situation . . and after that some conditions were given . . based upon that . . the . . question will be . . solved. The last 5 questions were also puzzles . . it was like If 0 is represented by * and 1 is represented by – then in certain language  . . 4 is written as -** and 3 is written -*- then . .

c.Section C

Viewing Ability (20 questions time 20 min)

The first 7 questions were on  . . the matching . . a set of strings are given and you need to view all those strings and depending upon that you have to tell that . . (A. if all strings are same, B if I and III are same, C if I and II are same, C if none of them are same)
Then the another 5 questions were of .sign replacement  . : if * is indicated by +,- is indicated by *, / is indicated by – and + is indicated by * then calculate 2+3/6*4+2
Then another 5 questions were of decision making . . two statements were given Statement 1 and Statement 2 and depending upon that . . a result is given you have to tell (A if both statements are needed for the result, B if only Statement 1 is sufficient, C if only Statement 2 if needed . ..)

d.Section D

Technical Ability (40 questions time 40 min.)

The question were based on the C and Data Structures.
The questions of C are just ok . . ALL YOU NEED IS TO GET THROUGH . . THE TEST YOUR C SKILLS . .
The Data Structure questions are bit tough  .. now a days everybody is asking the questions from the trees and Graphs.
I found about 7-9 questions directly from the graph.
For this all you need the core concepts . . and get through MARK ALLEN WIESS, R. S. SALARIA.

e.Section E

Reading Ability (10 questions time 15 mins.)

The first 5 mins. Were given for the passage reading.
Then after that they will take the passage from you then . . the questions depending upon that passage . . was given ..  
And you need to solve those questions.
The passage was based something upon the . . Pentium and Williamatte processors and something . . that you have studied in the . .  time sharing ..
Very easy .. lots of figures and formulas were there (Key Point. : You wrote all the main points in the Rough sheet provided by them attached in the answer sheet)  Key Points Take Care for these : They will give lots of instructions . . during the examination . . carefully listen the instruction . . I know it’s a bit disturbing but its important. And they will also provide you the Virtusa id . . which you will  .. get when they will come up with the attendance sheet. Take care for this (too much important). Don’t talk after finishing of the exam until they . . will take back your question papers.

2.Technical Interview
They will ask you the basic questions it was a very easy one . . be careful with your project. They’ll screw you up in your project. If your keypoints are Data Structures, DBMS and Java then keep ready for any type of questions.

3.HR Interview
Just for the formality.