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Virtusa Aptitude - General

Virtusa Placement Paper
  1. A problem from sum of  Alphabets are given numbers from 1 - 9 we hav to assign numbers to alphabets  and A+B+C= something like that we have to know value of E ( Ans : 4)

  2. x^y=2x+y and given that 2^a=a^3 find value of a?(Ans : a=1)

  3. In an exam consists of 150 questions, 50 questions are of mathematics and remaining are others. In which twice the time is to be given to mathematics bit when compared to time is 3 hrs then how much time is to be given to each bit of mathematics? (Ans : 72 sec or 1 min 12 sec)

  4. In an multiple choice question paper, each correct answer carries 4 marks and each wrong answer deducts 2 marks. a person scores 480 marks in a 150 questions paper how many questions he did correctly? (Ans :130)

  5. A problem on mixtures

  6. A problem on ven diagrams. It was a little bit lengthy to read and  to remember ...sorry

  7. A simple problem on probability...............its direct question. A bag contain 5 red and 7 green balls and another bag contain some no. of red and green balls.He asked to find probability of finding a red ball.

  8. A problem on work and time. A can do a work in 6 days B can do same work in 8 days, C can complete the same in 12 days.A under took 3 works like that and did for 8 days and left. Then B started work and did for some days and left then in how many days C completes this work?

  9. y=inv(cos[cosx+4sinx]/sqrt17) then dy/dx=? (Ans :1)

  10. total M persons want to buy a gift of D Rs. Out fo which 3 members are dropped out so how much each person have to pay extra ? (Ans:3D/m(m-3) )(check)

  11. A problem is on series 1 + 1(1+1/n)+3(1+1/n)2(square)+5(1+1/n)3(cube)+.................find sum of n terms
    ( I not did this problem)

  12. A monkey trying to ascend a greesy pole.He ascends 20 mtrs in one minute and goes down 4 mtrs in next much time it will take to ascend pole of 96 mtrs? (Ans:10 min 48 sec)

  13. On a good if 25% discount is given, he will earn profit of 25% what will be profit if he gives 10% discount?

  14. I don't remember what this qustion is ...........sorry

  15. A container has 64 lit of alcohol. 8 lit of which is removedand added with same amt of water. the same process is repeated 3times. what is the percentage of alcohol after the end of the
    ans- formula – intial vol – p lit(64).
                          vol of removed sol – q lit(8).
                          no of oprs – n(3).
                     concentration of first liquid afetr oprts is – ((p-q)/p)*((64-8)/64)**3.

  16. x+y+z=0, find the value of (x**3+y**3+z**3)/xyz.

  17. 3 men n 2boys can do piece of work in 12 days. same work isdone by 6men n 1 boy in 6 days. find how many days can a man alonecan complete the work?

  18. In an exam the maximum marks is 500. a got 20% more than b, bgot 25% less than c, c got 20% more than d. if b marks are 360 thenhow much did d score? (no. r different prob type is the same.).

  19. A tank holds 25 gallons of fuel. before going for a drivewhich is at a distance of 600 miles. the car goes at a speed of 60miles per/ hr. however the tank has a hole and fuel leaks out . aftertravelling a distance of 300 miles, the tank gets emptied. find rateat which fuel gets lost.

Section II      Duration :20 mins                Marks :20

This paper is on C language

  1. Write a program to know whether string is palindrome or not?

  2.  A C program is given and asked what will be output.............

  3. A Recursive function is given asked what will be output how and why?

  4. write a prg / function to remove the duplicate from a sortedarray. (8 m)

  5. write a prg to genrate fibonacci series upto 100 recursively.  (7 m)

  6. predict the output of the following:
       char c[]={ " enter" , "first" , "print" , "new" }.;
       char **cp[]={c+3, c+2, c+1, c};
       char ***cpp[]=cp;
       printf("%s", ++*cp);

  7. A program given and asked what are variables value1 and value2 stores?(ie, in that program they store GCD and LCM)

  8. Write a program to sort linked list.

Section III                          Duration :20 mins                     Marks:40

1) & 2) are like critical reasoning in barrens

3) & 4) are antonyms (he didn't ask antonyms directly but asked the word in capitals if replaced by any of following, that would be inapproriate in context )

5) & 6) analogies

7) & 8) correct the sentense with appropriate answer from the options given below
9) & 10) are pick oddman out...........easy one


Essay writing:

1)Time and tide wait for none.

2)My vision 2020 of India.