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Verizone General - other



there were 4 rounds in the written paper
Verbal Ability Test-20 min
Numerical Aptitude-30 min
Detail Assessment test-20 min
C and Data Structure-10 min

Verbal Ability Test
there were total 20 questions in this part
first 10 were fill in the blanks with preposition and articles...simple ones..
then there were 2 passages n read them once u wud be able to answer all the questions ...jus be attentive n have patience

Numerical Aptitude
1.venn diagram related question...5
2.then which of the following is true..that replecement questions as / stands for *....etc etc
3.then a question in whcih nos were replced by symbols in a spcl pattern...stay cool...n attempt..u wud be able to

Detail Assessment
this section is the easiest one bt time be fast at the same time assess correctly
nos will be given n asked if they r same...
some sort of puzzles kind who is oldest youngest..architect n all.....after giving certain conditions
then there were questions of certain qualifications for the post..then related question that whether a person possessing such n such qualities
shud be rejected or qualified

C and Data structure
some codes were given and output was to be determined...then there were questions related to writing missing codes...options were provided,. one question was based on TREE from data structure..another on directed graph..

thats all i cud recollect...all the best to all of you...........
may u come up with flying colors of success

Shweta Singh