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UST Global Whole-Testpaper


There were four batches for the test and two on the day we appeared almost 750 in a batch for the first day means for first two batches they recruit almost 180 students... i was in 3rd batch... and from batch 3 and 4 they recruited almost 55...So totally out of almost 2500-3000 students they appointed only 230...
Overall there are three parts of selection procedure
1. Written Test
2. G.D.
3. Interview (Specifically neither Technical nor HR, depends solely upon u that how u mould the Interviewer..)
As usual there written test paper consists of two sections:
Totat Time 90 mins,  Total questions 82,   sectional Cut-off,    cut-off same for all branches, Aptitude cut-off  11 and  English 20, nothing Technical.
1.Aptitude-32 questions (R.S. Aggarwal is more than enough, u r advised to go through all the parts of book, concentrate on boats streams, profit loss, trains, velocity, mixtures, areas. surface areas, volumes, series completion...almost all the chapters except data interpretaion in the last part of RS Aggarwal Aptitude book u need to do..)
2.English-50 questions (4 big passages each having ten quetions,  and 10 quetions to find out the errors, grammetical mistakes in sentences mostly the mistakes are like Unwanted undesirable usage of words like ".......that whether......" mostly the answer will b option 'B")
From batch 3 and 4 totla students seleted  were 258+270=528
G.D. Topics:
First day there main elimination round was test  G.D. topics were good all were indirect topics like
a. sarson ki roti makki ka saag vs idli Dosa (means punjab vs. south India)
b. Window is open (abstract idea.. like oppertunities always come..hundreds other abstracts)
c. Apple is Apple
d.Red is red or blue is blue
e.should students take part in politics ?
f.Love Marriages vs arrange marriages
g. How to preserve Shivalik hills (bcoz they were sitting near shivalik hills so such topic..)
h. which one is better aish or sushmita sen
i. Afzal's hanged justice or not like this
j. wat if u get chance workling with amitabh or sharukh, whicch one will u orefer lke this
d. Some usual topics like love marriges arrange marriage blah, politics all yaar...
Second day main elimination round was GD though the topics a were almost similar...
They seleted only 79 from batch three (258 total only 30%) i dont know abt batch four..
Me: may i come in sir (with a smile)?
He: Muhammad Ovais come in have a sit !
me: thank you sir !
he: forwarded his hand
me: gave a firm handshake... from this he checked my confidence...
he: so Muhammad tell me abt urself..
me:told him my name (though he already knew this) and then usual procedure first told abt graduation then +2 then 10th...told him my hobbies.. and extracurricular activities... i added web Designing as my hobby and a member of college's TPC (training and placement cell's Co-ordinator  Member).. he asked wats TPc simply i told the full form...then i asked sir should i tell u abt my family??
He: laughed for some moments and then said If there is not any secret then let me know abt ur family....
me: I told abt my father his business , mother and sisters...
He:tel m eur fav subject?
me: CMC, a little D.E.
He: ok can u draw the Half adder ckt ?
Me: make the truth table and drwan the ckt he said ur ckt is not corret...bcoz i shown the confidence he said ...ok leave it..
He: So Muhammad web Designingis ur hobby ??
me:Yes sir !! I m learning it... not much profiiceinb at it..
He: Ok... which languages..u know?
me: Html, dhtml .......
He: tell me basic structure of a web page?
me: i asked for a paper..he said no tell m verbaly...i told the basic structure..
he: how u r planning to make a webpage.. i mean any flowcharts algo's u know abt them?
me: yes sir
he:how will u find and print every third odd number between 0-15 (it was not as tough but i got a little confused but i did not show it, relaxed myself and come on tack).... i said sir 50 or 15 he said 15.. me: ok sir..
me: i saked in which lang...
he: any lang.. its better to make an algo or flowchart..
me: i made flowchart....and explained it to him..there were some mistakes which i corrected while major mistake was there..i asked to to gimme a 2 mins i will correct it..he said its need to to modify...
he: after a pause for some mins.... so ovais would u like to know anything abt us?
me: yes sir!!
me: Sir i com eto know that US technoligies is CMM 5 level comapny wats it ??
he: explained it
me: so sir wats the difference between ISO and CMM5?
he:expalined it
me: sir one more question pls ? he ya wat languages we need to learn b4 joing US Technologies?
he: u dont need to leran any languages .. we will teaach u everything in training... u need only to analytical strong.. like the problem u solved earlier... He used the word Solved, i got that im selected now...
me: asked abt traing period?
he: 3 months...
me: ok thank you Sir!
he marked 10 on my answer wihch was with himmmm.. i got one more clue that i will b selected...Insha-Allah
me: asked him, sir would u like to have my resume .. no its ok...
he:forwarded his hand once again...
me: gave him a firm handshake again and left the room with a smile....
Thanks & Regards
Muhammad Ovais