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I given the test fro U.S technology on 8th febreuary. The company name is  strange to me because i heard it for first time. This is small company established in 1999 but growth rate is very good. Company is having only two centres in india and remaining are in US so chances for going to USA is more in this company.

There are three rounds in the test
1)Written test
2)Group Discussion
3)Techincal cum HR Interview.
The selection Process is little bit difficult.
Written Test:
US Technology has changed its pattern .The Quoestion paper was lengthy but quiet easy. It consists of 90 quoestions and time limit is 60 min. quoestion paper consists of 3 Sections and u have to clear each section seperately.
Quantitative Apptitude: 20 Quoestions
The topics are from R.S aggarwal concentrate mainly on Time and Work(3 quoestions) , boats and Streams,Profit and Loss,Interest,Average.
Verbal ability: 30 Quoestions
This is the sections where u have intelligently manage your time because it consistes of 5 Comphrension passages 2 are very very lengthy (one A4 size) and remaining 3 are very small. and comphrension are very easy (simple english).
Logical Reasoning : 40 qouestions
This section quiet easy .u have to aplly your  common sense . follow RS agarwal Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. no need to Study all the chapter
Sequences-4 quoestions
Puzzles- 7 or 8 quoestions
Blood Relations-10 quoestions
Directions-5 quoestons
calender-2 quoestions (RS agarwal quantitative apttitude)
clocks-4 quoestions (RS agarwal quantitative apttitude)
In puzzles quoestions are based on arrangements like siz people has to sit in a row according to hieght wise A is in middle and C is 2 positions right to D like this.
quoestions like a student rank is 15 from first and 43 from last in a class. what are total number of students in the class?
At 12 clock both the hands of clock are in north east direction and at 4:0 direction of minutes hand is?
a point is in north direction then it is rotated 135 degrees in clock wise direction and 60 degrees in anti clok wise direction what is the direction of hte point?
quoestions are simple u just had to maintain the time only. I some how able to see my marks in written test i scored 8 in qnatitative, 12 in verbal and 18 in logical so the cut off is very low and i got selected in this round.
Out of 475 Students only 158 students got selected in this round.
Group Discussion:
 This is a round of mass elimination . They just selected 1 or 2 people from a group of 10 students. so out of158 students they selcted 28 students only.
The topics are very general like
1) Reservation in Higher education
2)Abortion should be legallised
3)Current episodes of KBC who is better in presentaion? Amitabh or Sharukh
4)Work more Pay less.
Remember that dont talk so much in GD .Just speak only 2 or 3 points and remaining pretend that u are listenin to others carefully. Eye contact is very important while talking and dont look at Panel of judge.Keep silent when GD becomes fish market(so much of noise). Keep this point in mind these are very important becaue this round is main elimination. If u got a female judge then she will observe these very carefully and she looks for strength in ur matter and if u got male it wont be so difficult.
one more time keep in mind dont talk so much and keep silent where GD becomes fish market. They havent selcted people who are speaking very much they selected people with 2 points and good in listening.
Interview wont be so difficult . For CS and it they will be asking more Techinical if u mention JAVA be careful beacause the company mainly works on Java plattform only if u are non CSE,IT student better dont mention any Computer subject. If u are an electronic student they may ask some electronics quoestions like Digital etc.
Some common HR quoestions like Tell me about yourself, Your Role Model, Why IT field etc..
So the process is some what difficult but  have a good chances of growth when compared to other MNC companies. Work hard and Practice GD.
BEST OF LUCK ............ 

Kiran Kumar