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UST Global Technical Interview Question

UST Global HR Interview Questions and Tips


USTGlobal recruitment process consists

1. Written Test
2. Group Discussion
3. Personal Interview (Technical cum HR)

USTGlobal on line written test process

1. Written Test (On line test) (every section has sectional cut-off)

Time Limit : 60 Minutes
No Negative Mark

A) Data Interpretetion like bar graph, Tabular Data etc.

B) Analytical Reasoning
i) No.of squares
ii) No. of Triangles
iii) Picture puzzles

USTGlobal on line aptitude written test 
C) Quantitative Aptitude
i) Average
ii) Direction
iii) Percentage
iv) Profit and Loss
v) Speed Time
vi) Time and work

USTGlobal on line analytical written test 
D) Non Verbal Reasoning
i) Series Completion
ii) Analogy
iii) Syllogism
E) Logical Reasoning
F) Situation Problem, Verbal Reasoning, Cubes and Dice

USTGlobal on line Technical test 

In second section Speed test section
Section 1: Swapping and Key Dictionary Problems (15 questions in 10 minutes). Don’t read instructions of this section.

Each section was having its individual cut-off and you need to clear the cut off of IX sections to move in the next round there was no negative marking. The section which is toughest has the lowest cut-off. So better attempt all questions. And a part of that section on your own. So you can take away the cut-off.

Manage your time so that you can give equal time to all 6 sections. And attempt 80% questions in each section. Sectional cut-off for every section will be every low so try to concentrate on all the sections.

Overall out of 589 only 153 could make it to the next round.

USTGlobal Group discussion GD Topics and procedure
2 .Group Discussion
GD was around 25 minutes.
Topics were:
Indian villages boon or bane .
Woman are good manager
Mercy killing
Petrol prices

USTGlobal Technical and HR Interview Procedure
3. Personal Interview (Technical cum HR)
About yourself
Family Details

* Be confident
* Be honest in every stage of recruitment