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Hi Friends,......,

     I am very happy to tel u tat I was placed in the prestigious MNC US Technology after a long struggel and it was my 9th frens dont loose hope if u hav missed few opportunities as u even need luck also.
The procedure was as below
 2) Group discussion
 3) Technical+HR interview
 1) Test
         The test was little bit has 3 sections (quantz,comprehension,logical).totally there are 90 questions and time given is 60 minutes.Comprehension has 5 paragraphs in which first two are big and other three are small.quantz was very easy.Just see the clocks,time and work,profit and loss it was only 19questions.last part was logical little easy and u can do it.It consists of data intrepetation,number of circles and triangles and lines,from barrons 12th edition critical reasonong.Time will never be enough if u sit with the comprehension.the question paper will be given to you totally.first answer the quantz then logical part up to which u can and at the last twenty minutes go to comprehension.just answer 10 questions in quantz and leave.time management is very important.there will be Sectional cutt off which says that the cut off for every section will be every low so try to concentrate on all the sections.The cut off will be very low so dont worry. I  got 10 out of 19 in quantz,8 out of  18 in comprehension and 32 out of 53 in logical.
          The Topic will given be and one minute time to think over it . My Topic is what India should do to get globalised over China. Wat u need to do is just speak 5 or 6 points wat ever you think.dont sit quitely listen to wat others are speak wat ever you know tat is imporatant.its very easy if u speak and u hav dare to will clear.
3) Interview:
            The interview was very HR was a very frenly person and there are general questions lik tel me about urself?
            2)Why do u want to come to IT industry?
            3)Hobbies .........etc
              He just asked me whether I know C,dbms and so on.I told no sir i dont know anything if u lik u can answer me from my department as i am from ECE and i mentioned u can question from microprocessor.He asked about my project and i explained..very casual interview.I was succeded...............
             See frens its really our luck to pass the test and from there depends on our confident answer with a interactive with the HR.u just tel something which u r intersted to share as u do witrh ur frens..........all the best......u can do it and u ll do u in US Tech