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UST Global new nad latest placement experience shared by Santhosh from B.I.T.M UST Global Off and On campus placement drive conducted in sri Shkathi college in Coimbatore. UST Global 2014 -2015 Selection Procedure and written Test pattern On line aptitude test Group discussion and Technical and hr interview Here Iam sharing my interview experience in UST Global

Hello ppl,
My name is santosh s I am pursuing my 7th sem engineering degree from B.I.T.M . I have attended the placement drive at Coimbatore in SRI SHAKTHI COLLEGE of engineering and I am through with the selection.
UST Global selection procedure consist of 3 rounds 

1. On line Aptitude Test ( from )

2. Group discussion GD

3 Interview -Tech HR
We’ll let me give you the glimpse of my experience but before that I want to thank fresher’s world its because of the website I got to know the design of the selection procedure. 
The first step is to clear the online aptitude

UST Global Online apti consists of 4 section
d)basic of c ( they say its basic but nope its not )

15 question in each part total time 60min and each section has a cutoff

Well in 1st verbal section you need to know good knowledge on grammar and the regular stuff like tenses and synonyms - and opposite word …fill in the blanks … do well in this section even if you spend extra time for it DO it!! Because this is the only part which u can count on and I did the same .

In 2nd logical section questions are easy topics like series, direction ,some picture(how many triangles?),family relations ,puzzles and syllogism these topics are of course can do one topic so prepare hard for those 

In 3rd quant topics are profit loss ,partnerships , time and distance ,probability ,permutation and combination ….well guys I had solve just 7 question and got the answer perfectly but rest guess work… trust me this paper will show you the HELL !!! don’t depend on RS agarwal !!! try solving barron’s its because of the book I had solved 7 question !!! 

4th the basic c oh! …. Well its not the basic their gonna be a program to analyze like a flow chart, few errors , some question based on linked list!!! Arrays data structures , structures and union etc 

After the exam I was not hoping at all that I will be selected and eventually was feeling distress ..

UST global PPT

The presentation was started by the gentlemen who himself called as Associate he is the U-14 member.

You will get to know about “ Associate “ 
"why UST global stand out of crowd ? 
"How did the company made progress ? 

After the presentation the usual questions were raised . even though how pathetic the question were the hr appreciates the questions so , try to ask the question it will create a good image 

I didn’t ask any because I was not hoping that I will be selected in online but miraculously when results were announced my name was 3rd !!!!!! I was bewildered and I had even bet my frds about my non selection and all of a sudden I was the 3rd person to get through now that was exciting 

UST Global Group discussion

They informed that to be ready for the Group discussion GD
And in the gd the other HR gave the topic called “does the empowerment of women in the society is the reason of divorce ?” 
but when the GD was started everyone spoke about the “empowerment of women “ what they missed was how is empowerment not a reason of divorce .. 
I spoke on that and the HR was impressed gave some unique points in a professional way like not being offensive ,not dominating etc.

My friend and I were taken for HR (personal) and the rest ppl were still indulge in gd as directed by GD hr.

And finally the UST Global HR 
The common question “tell me about yourself santosh “ guys tats tricky when HR ask specifying your name please don’t introduce your name again !!!! 
I was wise I didn’t do the mistake . I also said about my achievements .The hr was fascinated about my achievement ask some question on it since I had one first prize on model making and also in presentation it was easy for me. Some tips for cracking are don’t be tensed ,nervous casually and be calm just remember that nothing is ever impossible unless you put some efforts on it sope have faith in god. I did the same 
And hell ya I am selected