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UST Global Candidate Experiences



The Test was conducted in Institute of Engneering and Emerging Technologies(IEET)in the city BADDI and state Himachal Pradesh.
There are mainly two sections in written test:

Aptitude : 32

English   : 50

Aptitude is the first section::

In this section there was both numeric aptitude and verbal aptitude

But numeric aptitude occupies most part of this section

Under this some of the question s are:

Qns related to Train like:

Ø      A train starts from station A at a speed of 120km/hr at 4:10pm and another train

Starts from station B at 5:00pm with a speed of 80 km/hr and meet together at 6pm . If the first train is late by 10 minutes.find the new time at which both will meet?

Ø      Some qns to find the length of d two train passing a man in some given amount of time..

Qns related to Boat like:

Ø      Find the speed of the stream , speed of the current etc.

Qns related to Time And Work like:

Ø      Some qns was very simple just to calculate the combined work of A and B together.

Ø      But there were difficult qns too : like A,B,C can do a work in 24,48,72 days resp.

After 8 days A left and B left  before 12 days frm compeletion. How many more days does C needs in order to complete the remaning work

Qns related to Profit and Loss like:

Ø      Calculate the profit in case of a mixture etc..

·                    A logical venn diagram was given containing a survey of students that like two different subjects aftr this in the qns they again perform d survey for some fresh dates and qns was related to that..

·                    A watch cost Rs150 plus a fixed expenditure of Rs 30000. the same watch sold at a price of rs 250 in the season and Rs100 in the off season..and there were two qns related to that like how many watches to sold in order to earn given profit.

Qns related to Mensuration like

Ø      There was a qns in which a square field of length 14 m was given. And a cow was tied at one corner of the field with a rope of 7m and we hav to find the area of the field that cow can cover?

Ø      Calculate the volume etc.

There is one qns related to digits such as we have to number a book with 1-90 pages. then how many digits we would use?.

Qns related to Discount

Qns related to Ratio and proportion..

Section II :English  50

This section is really difficult one and needs more time

Note: A good practice of R.S. Aggarwal books of numeric aptitude and English makes the way..