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UST Global Interview-HR Interview

USTGlobal technical and hr interview procedure question campusrecruitment experinces

Hi I am D.Thilip kumar from Dr.MCET, Pollachi doing my B.E, Automobile Engineering. I'm selected in UST-global (It’s a good US based company) UST-GLOBAL ( US Technology) paper On 14th December, 2011.

Dr. MCET, Pollachi

The total recruitment procedure was divided into 3 rounds.

1. Written Test
2. Group Discussion
3. Personal Interview (Technical cum HR
 USTGlobal Round-1 Written test
Section 1: Analytical reasoning (R.S. Aggarwal)
* No. of squares
* No. of triangles
* Picture puzzle
Section 2: Quantitative aptitude (ABHIJIT GUHA & R.S.Aggarwal) 
* Average
* Direction
* Percentage
* Clock
* Calendar
* Profit and Loss

* Speed Time
* Time and work
Section 3: Non Verbal Reasoning (R.S. Aggarwal)
* Series Completion
* Analogy
* Syllogism
Section 4: Logical Reasoning (R.S. Aggarwal)
Section 5: Situation Problem, Verbal Reasoning, Cubes and Dice ((R.S. Aggarwal) 14B)
Section 6: Swapping and Key Dictionary Problems (20 questions in 10 minutes). Don’t read instructions of this section.
Each section was having its individual cut-off and you need to clear the cut off of IX sections to move in the next round there was no negative marking. The section which is toughest has the lowest cut-off. So better attempt all questions. And a part of that section on your own. So you can take away the cut-off.
Manage your time so that you can give equal time to all 6 sections. And attempt 80% questions in each section. Sectional cut-off for every section will be every low so try to concentrate on all the sections.

Overall out of 500+ only 148 could make it to the next round.  

Round 2 Group Disscussion cum Case Study Discussion (15 minutes).
GD was simple. All you need to be just follow all the GD norms. The people at US Technology are real nice. They just tried to make a cool and friendly environment before GD so that all students feel comfortable.
GD was around 15 minutes.
Topics were:
* Technology impact on reading books
* Influence of western culture over Indian culture       
For Case study: 
* If you are in jungle and u have given 5 things so give priority to these items: Bread, Water, Matchbox, Compass and Axe.
* Give Bharat Ratna to any one: Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi
* Select ICC team from all over world and you have to beat AUS  

Out of 148 only 46 were selected for the interview.  

USTGlobal Round 3 interviews (Technical cum HR)

The interview was very easy. My HR was a very friendly person and there are general questions like tell me about yourself?
Immediately after my GD we had Interview.

My interview was as follow.

Me: May I come in sir
Int: Come in.
Me: Standing near chair
Int: Please Sit Down
Me: Thank you sir.
Int: Let me introduce myself first (he gave a brief of him)…….. Now let me know some thing about you thilip.
Me: Explained
Int: Whats your ambition?
Me: Explained.
Int: what s the most interesting thing you have learnt from your past?

Me: Explained
Int: Some questions related to automobile (As he was interested in cars)

Me: Told.
Int: Gave a puzzle (we have one 3 liter vessel and one 5 liter vessel, how to measure 4 liters of water)
Me: Explained after a couple of minutes
Int: Any questions thilip?
Me: Asked and got the answer too.
Finally total 34 were selected, and I was in lucky ones.

* Be confident.
* Always sing song to make yourself busy and cool.
* Be honest in every stage of recruitment.
* Enjoy every moment of life.
* Be faith in God.
* Don’t tell to too much persons that company is coming for campus, tell after being selected.
* Do your best, and you will be selected.
* All the Best and Congratulations on being selected in UST-Global, We will meet soon.

Any queries: Mail to

All the very best and see you soon in US TECH- Global.