UPSC English-Language Contributed by English Practice Questions updated on Oct 2020
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UPSC CDS Practice English Questions and answers One word Substitution

 Directions - Below are given some statements each of which is capable of being expressed by one word only. Each statement is followed by four such words of which only one is correct. Your task is to pick out the correct choice.

 1. A person who renounces the world and practices self-discipline in order to attain salvation -

(A) Sceptic

(B) Ascetic  (Ans)

(C) Devotee

(D) Antiquarian

 2. One who abandons his religious faith-

(A) Apostate (Ans)

(B) Postate

(C) Profane

(D) Agnostic

 3. A hater of learning and knowledge-

(A) Bibliophile

(B) Philologist

(C) Misogynist

(D) Misologist (Ans)

 4. Commencement of words with the same letter -

(A) Pun

(B) Transfered epithet

(C) Oxymoron

(D) Alliteration  (Ans)

 5. A person who does not believe in the existence of God-

(A) Theist

(B) Heretic

(C) Atheist  (Ans)

(D) Fanatic

 6. A lady's umbrella is -

(A) Parasol (Ans)

(B) Granary

(C) Epitaph

(D) Aviary

(E) None

 7. Story of old time gods or heroes is-

(A) Lyric

(B) Epic

(C) Legend  (Ans)

(D) Romance

(E) None

 8. A sad song is a-

(A) Ditty

(B) Knell

(C) Dirge (Ans)

(D) Lay

(E) None

 9. One who believes in the power of fate -

(A) Fatalist  (Ans)

(B) Optimist

(C) Pessimist

(D) Parsimonious

(E) Pusillanimous

 10. A person who loves everybody-

(A) Cosmopolitan (Ans)

(B) Fratricide

(C) Atheist

(D) Aristocrat

 11. One who cannot be easily pleased-

(A) Cosmopolitan

(B) Fratricide

(C) Fastidious  (Ans)

(D) Feminist

 12. The murder of brother-

(A) Homicide

(B) Fratricide  (Ans)

(C) Dermatologist

(D) Regicide

 13. A person who is indifferent to pains and pleasure of life-

(A) Stoic  (Ans)

(B) Sadist

(C) Psychiatrist

(D) Patricide

 14. Talking to one's own self-

(A) Sinecure

(B) Soliloquy (Ans)

(C) Pessimist

(D) Philanthropist

 15. A disease which spreads by contact-

(A) Incurable

(B) Infectious disease

(C) Contagious disease  (Ans)

(D) Fatal disease


16. A man who rarely speaks the truth-

(A) Crook

(B) Liar

(C) Scoundrel

(D) Hypocrite  (Ans)


17. A remedy for all diseases-

(A) Narcotics

(B) Antiseptic

(C) Panacea  (Ans)

(D) Tonic


18. International destruction of racial groups-

(A) Matricide

(B) Regicide

(C) Genocide  (Ans)

(D) Homicide


19. Custom of having many wives-

(A) Matrimony

(B) Bigamy

(C) Polygamy  (Ans)

(D) Monogamy


20. A pioneer of a reform movement-

(A) Apostle  (Ans)

(B) Apothecary

(C) Apotheosis

(D) Renegade


21. A person who pretends to have more knowledge or skill than he really has-

(A) Apostle

(B) Apotheosis

(C) Renegade

(D) Charlatan (Ans)


22. A person who forsakes religion-

(A) Apostle

(B) Apotheosis

(C) Renegade  (Ans)

(D) Charlatan


23. One who studies insect life-

(A) Geologist

(B) Zoologist

(C) Entomologist  (Ans)

(D) Botanist


24. A person who does not believe in the existence of God-

(A) Atheist  (Ans)

(B) Chaperon

(C) Sycophant

(D) Parasite


25. A doctor who treats skin diseases-

(A) Opthalmologist

(B) Dermatologist  (Ans)

(C) Paediatrician

(D) Cardiologist