UPSC Candidate-Experiences Contributed by anirban.xcd updated on Oct 2020
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UPSC Junior Works Manager Mechanical 2013 Paper....   it was computer-based..100 questions in 2 hrs..with negative marking of 0.33.. paper was of moderate level.. i am sharing the type of questions asked on memory basis.. questions papers  not available on UPSC website.. nor on the internet..  since it was computer-based.. :)   1.coefficient of max. fluctuation of energy for flywheel 2.correct options about energy 3.die sinking edm process question..tool & workpiece.. 4.severity in si engine knock question 5.austenite becomes stable at temp of. of ideal refrigerant 7.Least work ratio for which cycle 8.Cause of severe detonation 9.crossing boundary questions about availability 10.protected rigid type flange coupling questions stress on bolt 11.out of balance wheel cause which defects 12.high speed steel are made of carbon and low speed of mild steel..assertn reasng.. 13.same efficiency for which cycles 14.hemisphere, solid angle 15.anealing results ? 16.ideal gas turbine cycle efficiency depends on? 17.which is azeotrope? 18.sensible cooling results in? 19.where is refrigerant in liquid state does COP decreases in vapour compression cycle? 21.powder metallurgy qs. assertion reasoning 22.slip planes assertion reasoning 23.stress on pin? 24.spare parts inventory analysis qs.? 25.which is false about mass diffusion 26.primary and secondary forces numerical in which equivalent crank radius wz given n speed wz askd? 27.numerical on power in pulley? 28.questions on 2-stroke and 4-stroke? 29.questions on network diagram (cpm/pert) 30.arrange in increasing order of wavelength the waves? 31.removal of glass from extrusion product by? 32.belt design diagram questions? 33.power screw efficiency questions 34.type of thread in power screw? 35.NDT questions on effect on material? 36.grinding wheel questions? 37.questios on colour change of bearing? 38.octahedral theory of failure? 39.least radius of gyration for selenderness ratio 40.questios on c-washer jigs n fixtures? 41.peritectic reaction questions 42.phosphor bronze comps. questions? 43.worm wheel material questions? 44. phosphor bronze where used? 45.hydro/thermal boundry layer is? 46.numerical on ic engine on finding the angle? 47. numericals on COP 49.gibbs eqution? 50.equivalent of sherwood no questions? 51.questions on pressure angle of worm wheel 52.worm n worm wheel gives which motion? 53.Sun planet gear ,when arm fixed resembles which gear transmission 54.0.8-800micro meter wavelength is which type of radtn? 55.assertion reasoning questions on epicyclic gear train is compact than other gear gear train? 56.questions on single slider mechanism? 57.questions on gray body 58.questions on wet bulb depression bhi 59.questions on inversion of mechanism 60.assrtn rsng questions on 4 bar chain mechanism 61.assrtn rsng questions on elliptical trammel 62.questions on instantaneous centre? 63.question on electron beam machining 64.Drilling tool max angle is? 65.displacement thickness questions? 66.3-2-1 principle questions? 67.boyle's law questions? 68.clutch plate questions. : n1+n2-1 69.burger vector value of nacl 70.value of average heat transfer coefficient? 71.method for designing of ducts questions? 72.machining of steel done by? ebm lbm , usm , pam 73.questions on LMTD? 74.question tha multistage compression? 75.tool life numerical 76.questions on speed ratio of gear train 77.questions on hmt intensity of radtn? 78.questions on built up to reduce formtn? 79.turbo prop aircraft sequence? 80.questions on thermodynamic relation 81. questions on vapour lock? 82.questions on cam...pitch point? 83.questions on pneumatic comparator 84.questions on flexible manufacturing 85.assertn reasoning on all shafts will transmit same torque.. 86.type of stress in extrusion? 87.questions on wet drawing? 88.EOQ formula? 89.point where bending moment changes sign 90.EI/L^2 IS USED IN WHICH CASE 91.PITCH LINE VELOCITY numerical 92.AXIAL RIGIDITY questions? 93.which doznt come under production planning 94.questions on heat pump assrtn rsng? 95.questions on tool geometry? 96.assertion reasoning on solar power vapour absorption cycle 97.crtical path is which type of path?  98.entropy change is zero in which process 99.thermostatic switch questions on domestic refrigerator? 100.question on robot?