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United Health Group Candidated Experiences

I attended UHG interview. This test was conducted by Meri trac.....

United Health Group  written test 3 sections are there.

1.analytical ability(30min-30ques)

In analytical ability questions  from Data Interpretation, Arrangements, Statement t& Conclusion etc... 
Those questions are very tough and time taking minimum 1hr to solve them..

For Example
One questions is like as follows:

what is the logically follows statement for below statement.

she can't get prize unless she daces well

a)she got prize

b)she danced well

c)she didn't get prize

d)she didn't dance well

1)ba and ab 2)cd and da 3)only ba 

2.Numerical ability(30min-30ques)

In numerical ability most questions from Percentages, Averages, Profit&loss, Ratios, Time and distance,...etc

This section is easy but you have to manage time.


In programming questions from C. Mostly giving algorithms like programs on nested for loops... these are tough