UKPSC Whole-Testpaper |   1436

UKPSC Whole-Testpaper

Uttarakhand Public Service Commission(UKPSC) Exam Paper including general knowledge questions for preparation.UKPSC Conducts various examination for various recruitments such as A.P.O. Exam, Lower Subordinate (Pre & Main) Exam, Forest Ranger (Pre) Exam, PCS (J) Pre Exam, A.E. Exam, J.E etc.These papers will help you during the preparation of exams.

                                            Uttarakhand PSC Exam Paper

1. The smallest unit of computer data is

2.What can be sent through video mail ?
(b)Video clips
(c)Video messages
All of these

3.The presence of grasslands instead of forest usually indicates
(a)A drier climate
(b)Poorer soils
(c)A warmer climate
(d)Shallower soils

4.The immediate cause of most rain is
(a)descending air
(b)a hurricane or tornado
(c)seeding clouds with silver iodide or dry ice
(d)the uplift and cooling of air

5.Where did occur super cyclone on 29 Oct. 1999 ?
(a)Andhra Pradesh
(b)Tamil Nadu
(d)Orissa (Odisha)

6.The last Southern point of India is
(c)Indira Point
(d)Dhanush Koti

7.The environmental issues related with Sardar Sarovar Dam were taken by which of the following activist ?
(a)Sunderlal Bahuguna
(b)Medha Patekar
(c)Chandi Prasad Bhatt
(d)Nana Patekar

8.‘Appiko Movement’ was launched in the State of
(b)Uttar Pradesh

9.The Constitution of India has borrowed the provision relating to suspension of fundamental rights from
(a)The U.S. Constitution
(b)The Weimar Constitution of Germany
(c)The Canadian Constitution
(d)The Irish Constitution

10.The United Nations Conference on ‘Earth Summit’ (Environment & Development) was held at Rio De Janeiro in the year

11.On March 21 (Spring Equinox) the number of hours of daylight in Delhi is approximately
(a)9 (nine)
(b)12 (twelve)
(c)15 (fifteen)
(d)18 (eighteen)

12.The Indian National Congress was founded in the year

13.Which one of the following High Courts exercises jurisdiction over Andaman & Nicobar Islands ?
(a)Calcutta High Court
(b)Andhra Pradesh High Court
(c)Madras High Court
(d)Mumbai High Court

14.Who presides over the joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament ?
(a)Chairman of the Rajya Sabha
(b)Speaker of Lok Sabha
(c)The Seniormost member of Lok Sabha
(d)Dy. Chairman of Rajya Sabha

15.Which of the following States has its own separate Constitution ?
(a)Tamil Nadu
(c)Jammu & Kashmir

16.The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the General Assembly of the U.N. on which date ?
(a)June 10, 1947
(b)Oct. 15, 1948
(c)December 10, 1948
(d)June 5, 1949

17.Russian Manchester is

18.Which international organisation is non-governmental ?
(a)Amnesty International
(b)Human Rights Watch
(c)Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative
(d)All above

19.Recently which political party has been launched by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal ?
(a)Apna Dal
(b)Sadharan Party
(c)Aam Jankranti Party
(d)Aam Aadmi Party

20.Famous TV serials ‘Ulta Pulta’ and ‘Flop Show’ were made by
(a)Deepa Mehta
(b)Chetan Bhagat
(c)Jaspal Bhatti
(d)Prem Basu

21.Indian economy is
(a)Mixed economy
(b)Capitalist economy
(c)Communist economy
(d)None of the above

22.Who is the Chairman of National Development Council?
(b)Planning Minister
(c)Prime Minister

23.Which is the largest source of National Income in India ?
(a)Service sector
(b)Agriculture sector
(c)Industrial sector
(d)Trade sector

24.Factors included in the preparation of the strategy of economic planning are
(a)Objectives of planning
(b)Priorities of planning
(c)Financial management of plan
(d)All of the above

25.Abolition of industrial licensing refers to
(d)None of the above

26.Which of the following variable is not included in Human Development Index ?
(a)Life expectancy
(b)Adult literacy
(c)Per capita income
(d)Health insurance

27.Which of the following is not a component of ‘Bharat Nirman’ ?
(a)Rural housing
(b)Rural electrification
(c)Agro-based industries
(d)Rural telephony

28.One of the major characteristics of lines of the latitudes is
(a)converge at the poles
(b)to measure the East & West distance
(c)crops each other at right angle
(d)are always parallel to each other

29.‘School environment, personality and behaviour of teachers and amenities available in the school, play an important role in value orientation of students. We would lay emphasis that the college, the whole curriculum and in campus activities must influence value inculcations.Name the Commission which made the above statement :
(a)University Education Commission
(b)Secondary Education Commission
(c)Education Commission
(d)University Grants Commission

30. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is meant for which age group of children ?
(a)Children of 3–5 years of age
(b)Children of 6–14 years
(c)Children of 11–14 years
(d)Children of 7–10 years