UKPSC Question-Paper |   575

UKPSC Question-Paper

Uttarakhand Public Service Commission Previous Year Main Question Paper


General Studies - Paper II

1. Discuss briefly the recommendation of the Fourth Delimitation Commission of India.What are their shortcomings?

2. Write notes on the following: (Words limit : 50 each)

(i) Double Jeopardy
(ii) Personal Liberty under Article 21
(iii) Demerits of Public Interest Litigation(PIL)
(iv) Zero Hour
(v) R.K Raghavan Committee

3. Write explanatory notes on the following: (words limit : 125 each)

(i) What is ninth Schedule? Why was it in the news recently ?
(ii) In the light of Nikahnama issue briefly tate the relevance of a Uniform Civil Code.

4. Distinguosh between the under-mentioned : (words limit : 50 each)

(i) Chemical weathering and Bio-chemical weathering
(ii) Fresh water lakes and saline lakes
(iii) Bangar and Khadar
(iv) Himalayan rivers and Peinisular rivers
(v) Western Himalayas and Eastern Himalayas

5. Some apprehensions were expressed against SEZs by certain people since their establishent in India. What policies and safeguards do you suggest to address those apprehensions?

6. What is meant by the following? (Words limit : 50 each)

(i) Rainbow Revolution
(ii) Second Revolution
(iii) Achievements of National Rural Health Mission(NRHM)
(iv) Green Manure
(v) Self Help Groups

7. How will India be benefitted on joining the WTO ? Discuss the adverse effects of such a step on Indian economy?

8. Write explanatory notes on the following : (words limit : 125 each)

(i) Ganga Action Plan - Phase II
(ii) Joint Forest Management (J.F.M.)

9. Write short notes on the undermentioned : (words limit : 50 each)

(i) Bio informatics
(ii) Datum line in geography
(iii) Fifth Dimension
(iv) Eddy currents
(v) Uncertainty Principle

10. Elucidate the following : (words limit : 50 each)

(i) Psiphon
(ii) Bionic buildings
(iii) Web 2.0
(iv) Transhumans in Uttarakhand
(v) Carbon trading