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TVS Candidate-Experiences

I'm student of Mechanical Engineeing of CV Raman college of engineering.

I have attended TVs motors online test.

* It was both technical and general ability(aptitude, gk, reso)

* The quetion was not so easy, it was equivalent to GATE questions

* Total number of question was 100. Around 70-80 technical

* As it was online test each quetion had its own time questions will come one after one

* Theoritical questions had 30 sec time & problem had 2-3 min time. You have to solve question very quickly. Calculator was not allowed that will create a big problem.

* Very fiew questions are there whose answer you can tell just looking the question have come from all most all portion of Mechanical engineering


Math:  Newton -Rapson method

                       -Heat transfor
                       -Fluid mechnics
                       -Industril Engg
                       -Strenght of material
                      - Manchine dynamics

Less questions from I C Engine & Thermodnamics
So very serious preparation required

Package: 3.5 Lac per ann