TPSC Question-Paper |   5912

TPSC Question-Paper

Tripura Public Service Commission Previous Year Exam Paper

1. Which Amendment gave constitutional recognition to Panchayat Raj?
A) 73rd Amendment 
B) 74th Amendment
C) 64th Amendment 
D) 72nd Amendment

2. The leader who described Cripps proposal as a "post-dated cheque of a crashing bank" was
A) Motilal Nehru 
B) M.K. Gandhi
C) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel 
D) Subhash Chandra Bose

3. The organism used by T.H. Morgan to study mutation was
A) Chlorella 
B) Drosophila
C) Yeast 
D) Neurospora

4. Which is the first country in the world guaranteed right to information?
A) America 
B) England
C) France 
D) Sweden

5. Where is the Hindustan Shipyard located?
A) Vishakhapatnam 
B) Chennai
C) Kochi 
D) Mumbai

6.Shashi Tharoor of India was a candidate for the post of
A) Commonwealth Secretary General
B) U.N. Secretary General
C) SAARC Secretary General 
D) UNESCO Secretary General

7. Stolt Valor' was in the news because
A) it is a Japanese ship 
B) it is a merchant ship
C) it was hijacked by Somalian hijackers
D) it was sailing with Indian sailors

8. Where did the 39th International Film Festival of India take place?
A) Mumbai 
B) panaji
C) Kolkata 
D) Delhi

9. Supersonic BrahMos missile is a joint venture between India and
A) Israel 
B) Denmark
C) Russia 
D) France

10. Which of the following acts as biological control organism against glycotoxin producing soil pathogens?
A) Trichoderma virens 
B) Aspergillus niger
C) Penicillium notatum 
D) Chaetomium globosum

11. The Indian auto major who acquired the British luxury brand 'Land Rover' is
A) Tata 
B) Mahindra and Mahindra
C) Maruti Suzuki 
D) Hindustan Motors

12.The fall in crude oil prices during the end of 2008 is attributed to
A) increase in crude oil production
B) fall in dollar value
C) rise in dollar value 
D) fall in world demand

13. Barack Obama belongs to which State?
A) Illinois 
B) New York
C) Los Angeles D) Washington

14. The political party to which Hillary Clinton belongs is
A) Conservative Party 
B) Socialist Party
C) Republican Party 
D) Democratic Party

15. Reliance Industry recently explored oil and gas from
A) Godavari - Krishna basin 
B) Narmada - Tapti basin
C) Brahmaputra - Ganga basin 
D) Mahanadi - Indravati basin

Female literacy rate is below 30% (2001 Census) in select districts of
A) Kerala B) Tamil Nadu
C) Uttar Pradesh D) Karnataka

16. Liberation is possible while living with the physical body. This theory is called
A) Sadyomukti 
B) Aparoksha mukti
C) Jivanmukti 
D) Videha mukti

17. Central Vigilance Commission was set up on the recommendation of
A) Administrative Reforms
Commission of India
B) Gorwala Report
C) Kripalani Committee D) Santhanam Committee

18. India's best quality sheep rearing is done in which of the following regions?
A) North-west region 
B) Temperate Himalaya
C) Semi-arid southern region 
D) Humid eastern region

19. The host cells in human physiological system for HIV causing AIDS are
A) T1 lymphocyte 
B) T2 lymphocyte
C) T3 lymphocyte 
D) T4 lymphocyte

20. Which is the only ape found in India?
A) Gorilla 
B) Orang-utan
C) Gibbon 
D) Hylobate

21. Who is considered as the father of Indian, Renaissance?
A) Raja Rammohan Roy 
B) Rabindranath Tagore
C) B.M. Malabari 
D) M.G. Ranade

22. Punjab and Haryana receive rainfall from
A) westerly disturbances 
B) cyclones in Bay of Bengal
C) south-west monsoon 
D) retreating monsoon

23. What is the maximum time given to Rajya Sabha for money bill?
A) 30 days 
B) 21 days
C) 14 days 
D) 45 days

24. The topmost atmospheric layer is called
A) troposphere 
B) ionosphere
C) mesosphere 
D) stratosphere

25. New Enterpreneurs Agency was established on
A) 1956 
B) 1961
C) 1980 
D) 1986