TPSC Paper |   6920

TPSC Paper

                               Tripura Public Service Commission Sample Paper

1. Who was the last Governor General of the English East India Company?
A) Lord Canning 
B) William Bentinck
C) Robert Clive 
D) Lord Ripon

2. Who was the Chairman of the Indian Constituent Assembly?
A) Jawaharlal Nehru 
B) Mahatma Gandhi
C) Rajendra Prasad 
D) Sardar Patel

3. Lead is considered as
A) air pollutant 
B) water pollutant
C) soil pollutant 
D) all of these

4. Which of the following gases is adsorbed mostly by activated charcoal?
A) CO2 
B) N2
C) CH4 
D) Ar

5. Leprosy is a
A) viral disease 
B) bacterial disease
C) dermatomyosistis 
D) None of these

6. Who is the Chairman of the Planning Commission?
A) Minister of Planning 
B) Minister of State
C) Prime Minister 
D) Deputy Prime Minis

7. Natural system of plant classification was proposed by
A) Cronquist Cronquist 
B) Engler and Prantl
C Linnaeus 
D) Bentham and Hooker

8. …… regarded as the custodian of fundamental rights.
A) Prime Minister 
B) Police Commissioner
C) Chief Minister 
D) Judiciary

9. Basalt and granite belong to which type of rocks?
A) Igneous rocks 
B) Metamorphic rocks
C) Sedimentary rocks 
D) None of these

10. Which metal is used for Galvanisation of iron?
A) Chromium 
B) Zinc
C) Nickel 
D) Manganese

11. Fuse wire is a wire of …….. Resistance and ………melting point.
A) low, high 
B) high, high
C) low, low 
D) high, low

12. Which statement is correct?
A) All minerals are ores 
B) A mineral cannot be an ore
C) An ore cannot be a mineral 
D) All ores are minerals

13. Radioactivity was discovered by
A) Pierre Curie 
B) Madam Currie
C) Rutherford 
D) Henri Becquerel

14. Local government is a feature of
A) most modern states 
B) only democratic states
C) only unitary states 
D) 2 only federal states

15. Which State has topped the latest State-wise Education Development Index?
A) Tamil Nadu 
B) Kerala
C) Karnataka 
D) Andhra Pradesh

16. What does KDM 916 mean?
A) 9.16% pure gold 
B) 90.16% pure gold
C) 9.16% copper 
D) 91.6% pure gold

17. Find the Odd Word :
A) Floppy 
B) Printer
C) Laptop 
D) Radio

18. Find out the Odd word :
A) Canoe 
B) Lorry
C) Boat 
D) Ship

19. Find out teh odd word :
A) Weakness 
B) Square
C) rectangle 
D) Sound

20. Select the correct plural form for the given word :Country
A) Countrys 
B) Countryes
C) Countries 
D) Countrees

21. Select the correct plural form for the given word :Mouse
A) Mice 
B) Mouses
C) Mices 
D) Moues

22. Select the correct plural form for the given word :Brush
A) Brushes 
B) Brushs
C) Brushies 
D) none of these

23. Select the correct plural form for the given word:child
A) Childs 
B) Childrens
C) Children 
D) Child

24. Fill in the blank with a suitable homophone :They went for a ......
A) sow 
B) saw
C) show 
D) scene

25. Fill in the blank with a suitable homophone :Mr. Daniel is the......... of the College.
A) Principle 
B) Principal
C) Princely 
D) Principality