Torry Harris Business Solutions Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Sheetal Rana updated on Jan 2021

TORRY HARRIS PAPER ON 5th MAY AT HARYANA Previous years placement papers

Hey guyz..!! I m Sheetal Rana doing my MCA from Department of Computer Science and Applications, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. First of all Congret me for my selection in Torry Harris. It was a fine experience. The procedure was as follows:-

Reporting Time:- 0900hrs
Selection Process Started at:-1000hrs

General Information:-
Total candidates appeared=550(approx)
Qualified for next test=120(approx)
Test Type: Aptitude Test.
Total questions=20
Time alloted: 20 minutes

Very fair selection process. There were different sets of question papers. Statements were also different from candidate to candidate. Only a few questions were same. Questions were very easy but keep TIME CONSTRAINT in mind as questions were a bit lengthy.
>2 or 3 questions were based on time and work
>1 question was of clock as (What will be the angle between the minute hand and hour hand at 03:15).
>1 question was on age.
>2 or 3 questions were on simple series.
>1 question was on area.
>2 question were on profit n loss.
>2 were on %.

NOTE :-NO QUESTION WAS OF PROBABILITY  . I prepared hard for it as i read some comment of earlier selected students at this site.
Cut off:- 12 or 13

I regularly use to appear in several competitive exams like CDS,SSC(Graduate level),etc , so my aptitude is ok. I hardly prepared for aptitude test. I just started in reverse order and kept skipping difficult questions and later on i tried those. I could solve only 12 questions but attempted all as no negative marking.
For You;- Just prepare from R.D.Sharma or R.S. Aggarwal. Its more than sufficient. Yeah 1 more thing...jus keep your head cool b4 the exam.

Result:- It was declared  after 1 and a half of hour.

It was technical test consisting questions of C,C++ and Data Structure.(e.g.How will you print %)
Total Quest.=20
Total time=20 minutes  
Total Appeared:-120
Qualified for next:-60

MY EXP.:- I dont know only God knows how i cleared this test.Prepare well from exploring c,test your c skills.

We were 60 who qualified for G.D.We were divided in groups,each group consisting of 15 members.
Total No of groups:- 4(15 member in each).
Topic of G.D.:- Is it right time for Sachin Tendulkar to retire from cricket or not ?
Time:- It took hardly 5 to 6 minutes.

They told the topic and gave 1 minute to recall points and then asked to start discussion. Some of us could not speak. So just after 5 or 6 minutes, they stopped us and asked those to give their views who could not speak, one by one. It was cool for me as i hav faced SSB interview 8 times.
For You:-Speak confidently, loudly and your voice should be audible. Starting person takes definite advantage.Dont be hotch-potch.

RESULTS (G.D.) :- Out of 60, only  44 could make this time and then these qualified students are asked to stay for PPT.
PPT:- It took 40 to 50 minutes to finish.As usual interesting , if you are serious about company then you should shoot 1 or 2 good questions.

Total students=44
Finally selected = 31

It was very interesting. He read each and everything from my C.V. then he asked 1st question about my name (sheetal).I explained him with 1 or two light n jilly arguments. Next he asked difference between C,C++.Then he asked about my achievements as my achievements column in my C.V. was bulky.I was quite comfortable with those and impressed him and won my interview. It continued hardly for 6 to 7 minutes.

For you(IMPORTANT):-
just concentrate on your C.V. It is really VERY VERY important part. Prepare all the HR questions well not from the websites just ask all from yourself and think for the best answers.