TNPSC Whole-Testpaper |   1380

TNPSC Whole-Testpaper

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Group- 4 Question Paper

1. Consider the following statements :
(i) The closure of Atria ventricular valves result in "lubb" sound.
(ii) The closure of semilunar valves result in "dubb" sound.
Choose the right answer.
(A)(i) is correct and (ii) is wrong
(B)(i) is wrong and (ii) is correct
(C)Both (i) and (ii) are wrong
(D)Both (i) and (ii) are correct

2. Name the vitamin and mineral necessary for blood clotting
(A)Vitamin D and Calcium
(B)Vitamin B and Sodium
(C)Vitamin K and Calcium
(D)Vitamin C and Iodine

3. Name the gas which is evolved during photosynthesis
(A) Carbondioxide 
(B) Nitrogen
(C) Hydrogen 
(D) Oxygen

4. Match the following :
(a) August Offer 1. 1944
(b) C.R. Formula 2. 1945
(c) Wavell Plan 3. 1946
(d) Interim Government 4. 1940
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 4 3 2 1
(B) 3 1 2 4
(C) 4 1 2 3
(D) 1 3 4 2

5. Match the following:
(a) Nehru Report
(b) Second Round Table Conference
(c) Individual Satyagraha
(d) Lord Attlee's Announcement
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 2 4 1 3
(B) 4 2 1 3
(C) 2 4 3 1
(D) 3 2 1 4

6. Consider the following statements :
Assertion (A) : V.O. Chidambararn Pillai established Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company in 1910.
Reason (R) : V.O. Chidambaram Pillai is called as Kappalottiya Tamilan.
(A) Both (A) and (R) are true
(B) Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)
(C) (A) is true (R) is false
(D) (A) is false (R) is true

7. Point out the wrong statement/statements in the following :
(i) V.O.C. born at Ettayapuram.
(ii) Annie Besant started Theosophical Society.
(iii) Bharathiyar died at Pondicherry.
(iv) E.V.R. started Self-Respect Movement.
(A) (i),(iii) and (iv) 
(B) (ii),(iii) and (iv)
(C) (i),(ii) and (iv)
(D) (i),(ii) and (iii)

8. Which of the following is incorrectly matched?
(A) Agricultural crops Green Revolution
(B) Eggs and poultry White Revolution
(C) Marine products Blue Revolution
(D) Horticulture Golden Revolution

9. Consider the following and select the false ones :
I. India's food problem is concerned with demand and supply of food grains.
II. India's food problem is concerned with quality, distribution and economic reasons.
III. India's food problem is concerned with procurement of food grains.
IV. India's food problem is concerned with improper distribution.
(A) I and II false
(B) IV alone false
(C) III and IV false
(D) 1 and III false

10. Consider the following table :
Year: 1973-74 1987-88 I 993-94 1999-2000
Kumber of Poor in India (in million): 321 307 320 260
The year in which number of poor in India a sharp increase over that of the preceding year 1s
(A) 1973-74
(B) 1987-88
(C) 1993-94
(D) 1999-2000

11. Consider the following statements :
(B) 1987-88
(D) 1999-2000
Assertion (A) : After the completion of the third five year plan 'Plan Holiday' was given.
Reason (R) The third five year plan was affected by India-China war and India-Pakistan wars.
Select your answer according to the coding scheme given below :
(A) Both (A) and (R) are false
(C) (A) is true and (R) is false
(B) (A) is false an·d (R) is true
(D) Both (A) and (R) are true

12. Assertion (A) : To re.duce the high tides of sea during storm oil is poured around the ship.
Reason (R) Surface tension of oil is Jess than sea water, reduces the wrath of waves.
(A) A is correct R is wrong 
(B) Both A and R are correct
(C) R is correct A is wrong 
(D) Both A and R are wrong

13. The property of attraction or repulsion between charged bodies is used in
(A) A.C. Generator 
(B) Electrostatic paint spraying
(C) Potentiometer 
(D) Metre Bridge

14. The time periods of two. simple pendulum are in the ratio 2 : 1. The corresponding ratio of their lengths is
(A) 4 : 1
(B) 1: 4
(C) 1 : 1
(D) 1 : 2

15. Arrange the Remote Sensing Satellites as per year of launching, in ascending order.
1. IRS
(A) I, II, IV, III .
(B) Ill, IV, II, I
(C) I, II, Ill, IV 
(D) IV, III, 1, II

16. Identify the incorrect pair.
Biosphere -States
I. Kanha -Madhya Pradesh
II. Nandadevi- Uttranchal
III. Manas -Assam
IV. Namdhapa -Arunachala Pradesh
(A) I 
(B) I1 
(C) III 
(D) IV

17. Choose the coneci answer from the following :
These occur as a result of continuous thunder storming. 
(A) Landslides and floods 
(B) Tsunami
(C) Earthquake 
(D) Volcanic eruption

18. Which of the following statements about 'Fertilizer' is TRUE?
I. It should be available in low cost.
II. It should be easily assimilated by plants.
III. It should not dissolve readily in water. ·
(A)1 and Il 
(B) 11 and Ill 
(C) I and III 
(D) III only

19. Identify the odd one from the group of chemicals given below :
BHC, DDT, 2,4-D, Urea
(C) 2,4-D

20. Who was the first woman judge of the Supreme Court?
(A) Hanna Chandy
(B) Vijayalakshmi Pandit
(C) Indira Gandhi
(D)Fathima Beevi

21. Consider the following statements :
Assertion (A) : The (ARC) recommended that the institution of Lokpal and Lokayakta.
Reason (R) 1. should be demonstratively Independent and Impartial.
2. their appointment should be as far as possible non- Political.
Select your answer according to the coding scheme given below.
(A) Both (A) and (R) are false
(B)Both (A) and (R) is correct
(C) (A) is false but (R) is true
(D) (A) is true but (R) is false

22. Arrange the Presidents of India in chronological order of their term in Office.
I. R. Venkatraman
II. Dr. Sankar Dayal Sharma
III. Dr. K.R. Narayanan
IV. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

(A) I, II, III, IV
(C) Ill, I, II, IV
(B) III, IV, I, II
(D) III, II, I, IV

23. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy happened in
(A) 1980
(C) 1975
(A) 1980
(C) 1975

24. The books 'Wings of Fire' was written by
(A) Nehru
(B)A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
(D) Mahatma Gandhi
(C) Kamaraj
(D) Mahatma Gandhi

25. In the products 2axla =4 1a ; 2bx1b=37b, a and b represent positive integers. Then a+b=
(A) 15 
(C) 7 
(D) 13 

26. Find the odd man out in the following :
1, 144, 16, 25, 49, 81, 121, 36, 62
(A) 1 
(B) 49
(C) 7
(D) 121

27. 29. In a·n examination 30% of total students failed in English, 40% of students failed in Hindi and 20% in bot'h. Find the percentage of students who passed in both the subjects.
(A) 50% 
(B) 20% 
(C) 10% 
(D) 60%

28. If RIVER is coded as OFSBO then WATER is decoded as

29. A can complete 2/3 part of a work in 10 days. A can complete 1/3 part of the same work in
(A)3 days
(B)5 days
(C)4 days
(D)6 days

30. Rs. 800 becomes Rs. 956 in 3 years at certain simple rate of interest. If the rate of interest is increased by 4%, what amount will Rs. 800 become in 3 years?
(A) Rs. 1,020.80 
(B) Rs. 1,025
(C) Rs. 1,052
(D) Rs. 1,080.20