Tech Mahindra Preparation Tips Contributed by Ann updated on Jan 2021

                                   Tech Mahindra - Preparation Tips

Tech Mahindra Placement Test Preparation Tips:

  • The written test is the most vital part of the selection process. 
  • Here the competition is much high as the same acts as the elimination round. 
  • The candidate should prepare well to clear the written exam. 
  • They can refer to different aptitude test books and books on English language to prepare for the written exam. 
  • The candidates can collect previous questions from various sources like internet,competitive books, etc. 
  • They can practice on the same to increase their speed and time management skills.

    Tech Mahindra Placement Interview Preparation Tips:

  • Those who pass the written exam have to perform well in the interview round to get in to the job. 
  • As the interview section, include technical questions along with HR questions, the candidate should devote time to get prepared on both the sections. 
  • The candidate can refer various technical books to face various subject related questions.
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