Tech Mahindra Interview-HR Interview Contributed by Avishek Chakraborty updated on Jan 2021
Hi friends,   This is Avishek Chakraborty from Calcutta Institute Of Engineering And Management,pursuing B.Tech in I.T.There was a joint on-campus drive in our college organised by Tech Mahindra and Mahindra Satyam.With the blessings of God,my parents and my well wishers,i got placed in one of india's most reputed IT companies,and i am here to share my experience with you.   It was a 3 stage procedure   I.Aptitude Test(online)
II.Technical Interview
III.HR Interview   They gave a very nice presentation and explained the procedure for online apti.They will give a unique username and password to you to access the online test paper.Different paper sets are there,so do not peep into your neighbour's PC.   Aptitude test consists of 3 parts comprising of 70 questions to b done in 40 mins   1. Non verbal reasoning
2. Verbal reasoning
3.Quantitative   R S Aggarwal is sufficient for aptitude but try to do fast (time management is very important)   Second part is English and 100 questions are to be solved in 40 minutes.If you are from english medium,you will face no problem in solving it.   I was very tensed,but when i heard my name ,it was a big relief for me,as i knew i was on my way to make my dream true.   We were handed over a form,and were told that it would be needed in the HR interview   Then was the technical round.I was quite tensed at that time.But my interviewer was very nice and friendly.   Interviewer:Tell me about yourself and family background Me:told   Interviewer:Ok so u stood third in BQC in your school Me:Yes sir   Interviewer:In which class? Me:told   Interviewer:Ok,explain your summer training project Me:Told(It was Library Management System using Oracle 10g)   Interviewer:Why Oracle? Me:Told   Interviewer:Ok,do u know what is call by value and call by reference? Me:told   Interviewer:write programs to explain them? Me:Wrote   Interviewer:Good(Was very impressed)Now tell me what is the work of "TRUNCATE"? Me:Told(was initially wrong,but i asked for his permission and rectified it)   Interviewer:Ok,tell me the steps of waterfall model? Me:Told   Interviewer:u know javascript? Me:yes sir   Interviewer:give an example where it is used? Me:Told   Interviewer:Ok,do u have plans for further studies? Me:Told   Interviewer:Ok,wait for HR.   A few more questions were asked,which i cannot remeber at present,but i advice my friends to prepare your subjects thoroughly.C,Java,DBMS,etc are very important.   I was quite relieved as he told me to wait for HR.But still was very tensed.Finally,rsults came out and i was overjoyed to hear my name.It was like one step closer to my dream.Some of my friends were told that their HR will be taken the next day,but i alongwith some of my friends were told that our HR will be taken the same day. Finally,it was time for HR interview.
At first he asked for all the photocopies of my marksheets,the HR form and my CV   Interviewer:Tell me something about yourself
Me:Told   Interviewer:What should be the qualities of a team player?
Me:Told   Then he gave me a situation and told how will you act in it   Interviewer:Ok,tell me something about Tech Mahindra
Me:Told   Interviewer:Ok   He gave me a form,and told me to sign it.   I was full with excitement,and was eagerly waiting for the final results.It came out a day later,and out of 46 students selected from a strength of 300,i was one.I cannot describe that feeling.It was a dream come true for me.Thank you god.My parents waited for this very day.   A few things to share with u ppl:For technical,prepare your basics well,whether u r from it,cse,ece or ee.Your summer training as well as final year project is very important,so be prepared to answer questions from should know your CV well.And finally,be confident.   Proud to be a part of Tech Mahindra!!   Wish u all the best!