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TCS Latest Technical and Aptitude Questions

TCS Latest Technical and Aptitude Questions 2014


TCS Selection Procedures:


TCS Eligibility Criteria

The candidate should have a minimum of 60% in class 10th and 12th. Also, the academic gap should be less than 2 years. During some placement visits, TCS offers direct interview chances to those having 85% and above marks throughout their study period (10th, 12th and graduation).


Procedure for TCS campus placement

There are totally 3 rounds in TCS placement drive, they are :

Written test

It consists of questions from quantitative aptitude, verbal section and reasoning ability. Regular practice before the placement and time management during the written test is the key to get selected in TCS. Usually, 35 questions have to be solved in 60 minutes. From the last year (2013) onwards TCS tests have included negative marking for every wrong answer. A deduction of 1/3rd marks is done for each question answered wrongly. So, the students should choose wisely and answer only those questions of which they are 100% sure. The quants section of written test contains questions on equations, time and distance, number system, time and work, ratio and proportion and a few questions on probability. The verbal part has the usual antonyms, synonyms, word usage and similar vocabulary based questions. Lastly, the reasoning section has questions based on blood relations, truth and lies, arrangement of objects and number puzzles. Generally the results are given within 2-3 hours, and successful aspirants are called on for the technical interview.

Technical Interview

In this round, students are asked questions based on the technical subjects that they have studied during their graduation. Make sure that you are thorough with all your subjects of all semesters, since the interviewer can ask you anything from anywhere. You should be prepared to face any question and answer it confidently. If you are lucky, the interviewer might ask you to pick your favorite subject from where you want them to ask you questions. Finally, the college project is queried about and questions are asked on it.

HR Interview

The last round is the HR Interview round where your communication skills and conversation ability are tested. Only those students who have cleared the technical interview round are allowed to go forward to the HR round. The HR Manager of the company will firstly ask you to give a brief introduction of yourself and then similar questions will follow. You can prepare yourself using the frequently asked HR Interview questions list.


Technical Questions


1.   What is false about the following — A compound statement is

(a) A set of simple statments

(b) Demarcated on either side by curly brackets

(c) Can be used in place of simple statement

(d) A C function is not a compound statement.

2.  Write one statement equivalent to the following two statements x=sqr(a); return(x); Choose from one of the alternatives

(a) return(sqr(a));

(b) printf(“sqr(a)”);

(c) return(a*a*a);

(d) printf(“%d”,sqr(a));

3.  What is the value of y in the following code? x=7; y=0; if(x=6) y=7; else y=1;

(a) 7

(b) 0

(c) 1

(d) 6

4.  What does the following function print? func(int i){if(i%2)return 0; else return 1;}main(){int =3; i=func(i); i=func(i); printf(“%d”,i); }

(a) 3

(b) 1

(c) 0

(d) 2

5  How does the C compiler interpret the following two statements p=p+x; q=q+y;

(a)p=p+x; q=q+y





Verbal Reasoning Questions


1. Effrontery : Extreme rudeness and lack of ability to understand that your behavior is not acceptable to other people.

2. Voluble : Speaking a lot, with confidence and enthusiasm.

3. Terse : Using few words, sometimes in a way that seems rude or unfriendly.

4. Wily : (of a person) clever, having a very good understanding of situations, possibilities and people, and often willing to use tricks to achieve an aim:- a wily politician

5. Antithesis : the exact opposite.


Quantitative Aptitude questinos


1.  If n is the sum of two consecutive odd integers and less than 100, what is greatest possibility of n?

(a) 98

(b) 94

(c) 96

(d) 99

Answer : c 

2. There are 4 boxes colored red, yellow, green and blue. If 2 boxes are selected, how many combinations are there for at least one green box or one red box to be selected?





Answer: d 

3.  In base 7, a number is written only using the digits 0, 1, 2, .....6. The number 135 in base 7 is 1 x 72 + 3 x 7 + 5 = 75 in base 10. What is the sum of the base 7 numbers 1234 and 6543 in base 7.





Answer: b

4.  A, B, C and D go for a picnic. When A stands on a weighing machine, B also climbs on, and the weight shown was 132 kg. When B stands, C also climbs on, and the machine shows 130 kg. Similarly the weight of C and D is found as 102 kg and that of B and D is 116 kg. What is D‘s weight


(b)78 kg

(c)44 kg


Answer : c

5.  In a rectanglular coordinate system, what is the area of a triangle whose vertices whose vertices have the coordinates (4,0),(6, 3) adn (6 , -3)





Answer: a

6. Two full tanks one shaped like the cylinder and the other like a cone contain liquid fuel the cylindrical tank held 500 lts more then the conolical tank After 200 lts of fuel is pumped out from each tank the cylindrical tank now contains twice the amount of fuel in the canonical tank How many lts of fuel did the cylindrical tank have when it was full?





Answer: c

7.  If f(1)=4 and f(x+y)=f(x)+f(y)+7xy+4,then f(2)+f(5)=?


(b) 60



Answer: d

8 If f(f(n))+f(n)=2n+3 and f(0)=1, what is the value of f(2012)?

(a) 2011

(b) 2012

(c) 2013

(d) 4095


9. A two digit number is 18 less than the sum of the squares of its digits. How many such numbers are there?





Answer: b

10. Find the number of ways a batsman can score a double century only in terms of 4's & 6's?