Tata Consultancy Services Whole-Testpaper Contributed by SOUBHAGYA updated on Aug 2020
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Hi friends,

I am Soubhagya Chhotaray from GITA, BHUBANESWAR.  It was TCS DRIVE to Orissa on 14th August, held at ITER. AROUND 1400+ SIT FOR WRITTEN, 462 FINALLY SELECTED.   We new about the new pattern still a few didn't know the new pattern.   The rounds are 1-Written(online) 2-Technical Interview 3-HR   14TH AUGUST 2010 we were given different slots, my slot was 8:00 AM,around 400+ candidate per slot. we got the instuction about the test.   ROUND-1 (elimination round) Only 35 question in 60 minute.   There is negative marking. So be sure before answering. The questions were from age,numbers,time and distance,average,permutation, and 2 or 3 from reasoning as well. Most of the question were lengthy. even more than 10 lines(but real question is in 2 or 3 line).   DONT WASTE TIME IN READING THE WHOLE PASSAGE.   Only find the question and answer it. try to read and answer within 30 secs. Otherwise skip and try the next one. Most of the question were easy and all can do it.   TRY TO ANSWER 25 CORRECTLY. I don't know the real cutoff but I answer 32. I think they are almost correct. Our written Result declared at 11:00AM, 150+ cleared this round.   ROUND-2 (both TI and HR simultaneously)   It is the real round to get into TCS. INTERVIEWER: asked me about myself? I answered. it is the easiest one,   INTERVIEWER:know c? ME: YES   INTERVIEWER:what is a structure? define it. ME:answered with example   INTERVIEWER:WAP on pallindrome. ME:i knew the logic so i answered correctly.  now he got impressed.   INTERVIEWER:any other language? ME:JAVA thank God no ques from JAVA   INTERVIEWER:being ECE student why IT/SOFTWARE? I answered and impressed him.   INTERVIEWER:asked about project? ME:blablabla.   INTERVIEWER:which subject u like most? ME:Microprocessor   INTERVIEWER:Draw pin diagram of 8085? ME:I take my time and did it. (one thing never try to bluff)ok, Coz interviewer is much intelligent than you.   INTERVIEWER:differenciate between AM and FM? with proper diagram. ME:Did it confidently.   Till now you must be thinking i will defenitely selected, but now onward i was given a stress interview.   INTERVIEWER:i am not going to select you! I got a real sock.what happen? why REJECTION? i questioned myself.   INTERVIEWER:prepare for the next TCS drive, which is after 6 month. and prepare well what you wrote in your resume? ME:(SPEECHLESS)remain silent and finally thanks him with a smile and left the room.   we were told to leave. Results would be declared tomorrow.   NEXT DAY: 15TH AUGUST 2010   We gathered in the conference hall around 4:00PM. After 3 stressful hour our result was declared.   It was on alphabetical order. I have to wait till my name was announced.   I got real INDEPENDENCE DAY GIFT.   CRACK THIS EXAM AND JOIN TCS.   SEE YOU SOON.