Whole-Testpaper |   4366



Name of the Student: Abhishek Palagiri
Course: Master of technology
Branch: Information security
Roll No: 97101
Company in which selected: TCS
Date of Selection: 27th November, 2010
Written test:
Aptitude Test: 0 Minutes
Quantitative: 75 Minutes
Reasoning/Analytical: 0 Minutes
Verbal English: 0 Minutes
Technical: 0 Minutes
Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:
Online written test was conducted. Totally 35 questions which were purely quantitative aptitude and duration was 75 mins. There was a negative marking of 0.33. There were no questions from Verbal, Reasoning and Technical. For quantitative R.S.Aggarwal is enough. It’s better to go through the previous papers of TCS. You may get some what similar models. It will be very very useful. These were the following questions which I remember

1) There are some 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers parked (some nonsense) total number of wheels present is 240 then how many 4 wheelers were there. (Numbers may change)

Ans: This can be done by looking at the option first check the no of bicycles and then multiply it by 2. And then substract the multiplication value from 240 if the value is divided by 4 then that is the answer 2B(Bicycle)+4C(CAR)=240.

2) 1/3 of a number is 6 more than 1/6 of that number then what is the number.
Ans: You can solve easily

3) Questions on Time and distance like At A side 10 men, 10 line code, 10 mins. At B side 10 men, 20 mins. How many line of code is needed (3 Questions) V.V. IMP
Ans: Formulae (M1W2T1=M2W1T2) W=Work T=time.
4) Time and work (2 Questions)
5) Pipes and Cisterns (2 Questions)
Details of the process and your contribution:
Recruitment Process:
1) Online written test
2) Technical Round
3) Personal Round.

Who were maintaining the 75% or 7.5 CGPA persistently through out the Academic career (X,XII, Graduation and PG) those student didn't have the written test. Totally 150 members were appeared for the online written test. 8 members were shortlisted. Online written test was some what tough.

Personal Interview (Technical)

At that time I was working as an intern in TCS. In technical round 2 members were there. Both were very friendly. They asked the questions on Internship project (TCS),M.Tech and B.Tech  projects. They asked the questions on struts in Java. Because i was implementing the Internship project on struts in Java. These were the some questions which I remember.

1) Diff b/w MVC1 and MVC2 framework.
2) Questions on Resource bundles or Properties in Struts
3) Question on Internationalization (I18N).
4) Diff b/w C++ and Java
5) Activities of SDLC
6) Why java doesn't support the pointers?
7) Puzzles
8) 15 Members are playing the chess game.How many games are needed to decide a winner (Ans:14)
9) Similar question on Handshake problem.
10) Question on Inheritance.

Personal Interview (HR)

Pesonal round was very very cool. These were the questions that I was asked.

1) Tell me about yourself?

2) Tell me about your family background?

3) Tell me about your Academic details?

4) Tell me about your Achievments?

5) Will you relocate any where in India?

After Personal round I decided i will be the memeber of TCS.

Thats it.

Summary of Experiences

It was very comfortable. I felt happy.


Go through the projects which you have done upto now. Be perfect in that. They will stress more on your Academic projects. Be confident. Brush up your technical skills. Go through the all basic questions in C, C++ and Java (like Inheritance, Interfaces, Abstraction). Don't panic. Speak fluently what ever you know.

All the best!

You can rock.

Abhishek Palagiri
11th December, 2010