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Hi Friends,

This is “Vikram Singh Chauhan” student of Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. from G.H. Raisoni college of Engg., Nagpur.

TCS came to our university for off-campus on dated 28th & 29th of August-2010. A total of 1500 appeared for it and only 36 got selected. The selection process consisted of regular 4 Tcs rounds as

1. Aptitude Test.
2. Technical Interview (TI).
3. Managerial Interview (MR).
4. HR Interview (HR).
1. Aptitude test:
TCS has changed its aptitude pattern from March of this year as it now uses “TouchStone” software which consists of mostly (about 90%) of the questions on Quantitative section only.
There is no need to mugup the model test paper of GRE Barron now. If you have gone through R.S. Aggrawal its sufficient but you need to be really quick while solving the questions as time alloted is not sufficient.
Test Pattern:
You will be asked to solve 35 questions in 60 minutes and there is negative marking of 33.3% also. But each and every question contains lot of irrelevant data and it consumes hell lot of time to extract useful data from the question. Few questions for your reference are:
Q1) There’s a farm having various birds of different weight. Farm has 23 birds weighing less than 15 gm, 35 birds weighing betweem 15 gm to 50 gm, and 12 birds weighing greater than 50 gm. One day accidentally a cunning Fox enetered the farm. After seeing so many birds see decided to pick some birds for its meal for next few days. Fox picked some birds from the farm and went away. How many total birds fox should pick so that it will have minimum 2 birds of each weight group.

(not remembering the options, but I and many of my frends tried all possible probabilties and permutation combination bt our answers didn’t matched any of the given options)

Q2) A roof has two tanks A and B. Tank A gets fileed at the rate of 1.3 litre/hour. Tank B gets filled at the rate (10,20,40,80,..). If after 22 hours the Tank B is (1/16)th filled. Calculate the time required by it to get full

2) 27hr  b) 26hr  c) 30hr  d) 25hr.

Q3) Mr. Bean went to a shop for buying a gift to his wife on her Birthday. He boughtt 28 purple marbles as her wife was fond of marbles. He also bought 21greem marbles. While coming out of the shop on the way he also bought 24 red, 42 yellow and 12 pink marbles and he put them all in a bag. When he was returning back to the home a lightning occurred and suddenly due to some reasons the red, green, and yellow balss got converted into white colour. But inspiye of this Mr. Beans decided to give few marbles to his lovely wife. So, how many times he should put his hand in the bag so that he can gift his wife atleast one ball of each colour.
Q4) A seamstress was very popular in a town for her stiching. She used to charge $2.35 for every shirt and $3.254 for every single pant. If you want to get whole dress stiched together she will charge you $5.25. now if you went to that seamstreess  with a cloth 109 m long. The seamstress can make 7 pieces out of one metr of the cloth and will charge for one complte dress. So how many total pieces shecan cut out for you from that cloth?
a) 767   b) 15.47  c) 767   d) 15.57
Q5) Paul is twice as old as Peter as peter was as old as paul is now. So what is the present age of Paul now if sum of there ages is 35years?
a)21  b)24  c)17  d)23 
(Featured twice in the paper with different data and character names)

Q6) An old lady has certain gloves and hats in her basket. She has around 35gloves and 42hats in her collection. She went to his Grandchildren on a certain occasion. She decided to gift her grandchildren few hats. She had 3grndchild. So how many attempts she will have to make to ensure that smallest will get 1, and second will get2, and eldest will get3hats.

Q7) Find the distance between x and z intercept of the plane given by the equation 2x+3y+5z=30?
a) 16.15   b) 15.16   c) 261   d) 14.25
Q8) A wire was bent to make a triangle with sides 22, 26, 18cm. If now the same same wire is bend to make a square Determine its area?
a) 271.50     b) 260.00    c) 272.50     d) 272.25
Q9) A family had 11 children. If they have to be arranged in a queue where youmgset will always stand at the end of queue so how many different ways are there in which thye can be arranged?
a) 512  b) 4096  c) 1024  d) 2048
Q10) The ticket to the Disneyland starts from 1p to 7p. You are on a tour to Disneyland with total 7p. You have got the chance to get your 7p changed into the change of 1p, 2p, 3p. Whatever you want. All the denominations are available. So how many coins will you have now?
Q11) Six friends tom, peter, paul, john, mathews, robert went for the shopping in amall. After doing the shopping of 8,000rupees they came across a weighing machine. They stareted weighing themselves first individually, then in pairs as tom and peter together then peter and paul likewise. Then they weighed them in the group of three then four and finally all six of them weighed together and machine showed the reading of 240. After this a person joined there group and weighed with them and the average weight now came out as 68. So what was the age of new person joining the group?
a) 42   b) 44    c) 35    d) 42.5
Q12) Indian government decided to conduct the census of 1991 very sincerely. So it instructed all its coordinators to note down the data of everyone very carefully. A coordinator went to lady and asked her age. Lady replied “My age is equal to my daughters age in months and is equal to my granddaughter  in days. The coordinator got confused and took out his calculator and made calculation according to the data given by lady but when he pressed equal to button calculator displayed math error. He again made the calculations by considering 30days in month and 365 days in year. Now what no. would he have got on the screen of calculator?
Q13) 10 people met in a annual meeting of a society. They all started shaking hands with each other in the circular pattern as {(a1,a2)(a2,a3)……(a9,a10)(a10,a1)...}. So find out the number handshakes if repeatatuin of handshake is not there?
a) 8   b) 10  c) 9   d) 11
Q14) 10 players participated in an tennis tournament to play for the title. All the players played with one another once only and there were a total of 45matches in all. Now if above given statements are true there are two probabilities
A) There must be atleast two players who have won all the matches
B) There must be a player who have lost all his matches.
Then tell which of the below mentioned condition is true.
a) only A   b) only B   c) both A&B   d) can’t be determined as data is not sufficient.
Q15) Sangakara and Ponting came out for the toss of 1st test of 3match test series. There at the toss referee told them that he forgot to bring the coin. So everyone got tensed what to do now as toss should happen at any cost. So at that time sangakara put his hand in his pocket and took out a dice with numbers 1,2,3,4. Now what should be done with this dice so again sangakara suggested a unique plan as
(After this few conditions were given and then it was asked which two or three cinditios are true as above question. I am not able to recaal the conditions)’
Q16) A pizza shop, there were 2 kinds of pizzas available. But now they have introduces 8 new types, a person buy two different type pizzas of new type in how many ways he can select?
a) 24  b) 43  c) 56  d) 58
Q17) 2. A horse starts to chase a dog that has left the stable two hours earlier. The horse runs at an average speed of 2km/hr.  It crosses a 10-metre road, two small ponds 3 metres deep, and finally runs along two small streets of 200 metres long. After traveling 6 hrs, 2hrs after sunset, it catches the dog. Compute the speed of the dog in Km/hr?
a) 20   b) 22   c) 16.5  d) 18.5
18 more questions which were based on the topics of number system, average, time and distance, time and work, pipes and cisterns, problems on ages. Pay extra attention on probability and permutation and combination.

The result of aptitude test was out in 10 minutes and out of 60-70 students in my batch only 4 got through. I attempted 24 questions. I think if you have solved around 21-22 questions correctly you will get through.

Technical round:
After this they called me for the TI. The HR was a man of around 35.
I: May I come in sir?
TI: Yeah sure. Take the seat. So vikram what are you doing from past few days?
I: Told him abt preparation for TCS and other things.
TI: You are from ETC so why do you want to join software industry?
I: Was ready for this question answered to his satisfaction.
TI: It means you are interested in programming so which is your favorite subject?
I: I told sir C and Microprocessor.
TI: In which microprocessor you are good?
I: 8085.
TI: What are 1byte, 2byte, 3byte instructions?
I: Gave him answer which later I came to know was wrong.
TI: What actually happens when a call instruction is executed, Explain in full detail?
I: Explained nicely to him.
TI: What are different types of interrupts in up, what are hardware and software interrupts, how are they executed, what, is the difference in hardware and software interrupts and why there is need of them, what is IVT (interrupt vector table)?
I: Luckily I was knowing the answers of all the questions so expalined everything to him smoothly and nicely.
After this was the turn of most deadly MR round where you will be given any situation and will be asked to solve it with cross questioning on your every statement. But their was hardly any elimination in this round. Luckily I wasn’t called for this round and was called straight for the final round ie.,
HR round:
HR: Was a girl of around 24-25.
HR: So how are you Vikram?
I: I said fantastic mam.
HR: Have you had your lunch today (as it was aorund 4:30 pm)?

I: No mam didn’t got the time.

HR: So without having your lunch how can you feel fantastic. Don’t you need food for feeling energetic?
I: Was aware of this trap already gave her the answer which impressed her a lot and she complimented me for my answer saying nice answer. (got huge confidence from this).
HR: Tell me something about you?
I: Told.
HR: Being an electronics engineer what can you do in TCS and how can you help TCS in its development?
I: Told.
HR: Tell me about the recent trends in IT industry?
I: Was knowing that this question is being asked to almost everyone so I went prepared with its answer and told him everything which have read in dailies.
HR: Then she asked me whether I'm mobile, ready to sign the bond, and wether I am aware of the background check conducted by TCS.
I: I aggreed on all her questions and this brought an end to my interview.
After around half an hour results were announced as I was last to go for the HR I had to wait very little for the results and indeed it was very pleasing to listen ma name in the voice of HR which confirmed me as a TCSian.

Best of Luck!

Vikram Singh Chauhan.