Tata Consultancy Services Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Sethu madhavi updated on Oct 2020
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Hi friends,  This is madhavi selected for TCS in first attempt, completed 3rd year in Narasaraopet Engineering College . I am very happy to share my experiences with freshersworld web visitors.

I think the information I am giving below will be very helpful to all who are going to attend for TCS Campus Selections.
Our examination held on 24th may, 2007

The written test consists of three sections and the main important is the test is online test and be careful while filling answers.


The three sections are

1. Verbal section

2. Aptitude

3. Critical Reasoning


1. Verbal section:

It consists of
Synonyms of 10 marks
Antonyms of 10 marks
Comprehension passage of 5 marks
Sentence completion of 5 marks

Total Verbal section consists of 30 questions and must be complete in 30 minutes. So be careful.


Some of the questions I remember are
Synonyms :
1.       Seedy
2.       Buxom
3.       fallible
4.       Misanthrope

Antonyms :
1.       Cacophonous
2.       delineate
3.       decorum
4.       equanimity


Most of the synonyms and antonyms are from GRE Barrons (GRE High Frequency Words)
and prepare it well in addition with the root words in the GRE Barron’s.


The comprehension passage I didn’t remember but it is a very big passage that is very difficult to read and understand but time is very short .So I suggest that don’t spend much time on comprehension passage .


Sentence completion is also just by practice. It is from GRE Barrons practice exercise.


2. Aptitude section :

In aptitude section there are 33 to 36 questions. Some of the questions I remembered are

1.)      In the word “ORGANISATION”,if the first and second, third and fourth, fifth and sixth up to last letter are interchanged and what will be the 10th letter from right ?

2.)     In the given options which forms the orthogonal matrix?                       

a.) 2i+3j ,2i-3j                        b.)2i+3j,3i-2j

c.)4i+6j,6i+4j                              d.) 4i+6j,4j+6i             Ans: b.)


3.)If M –Modulus of    R –Round of      T-Truncate    then M(373,7)+R(6.8)-T(3.4)+R(3.4) =?

4.)Which form a singular matrix (Hint : det A=0)

          a.) 2  -2                      b.) 6  -6               c.) 6  16              d.)4   -4
               2   2                            4   4                    3   8                   4   4

5.)If PLEASE is coded as QMFBTF  then  QDSTQM is decoded as           ans.) RETURN

6.)What is the biggest 7 bit  prime number that is stored in the binary format?         Ans. 127

7.)which of the system 384 is equal to 1234?

8.)The size of the bucket is n kb.The bucket fills at the rate of the 0.1 kb per millisecond’s programmer sends a program to receiver. There it waits for 10 milliseconds and response will be back to programmer in 20 milliseconds. How much time the program that takes to respond?     Ans: 30 milliseconds

9.)In madras temperature at noon is varies according to the temperature equation (t^2)/6 +3t+12 between the times 2:00 to 3:00 pm

10.)In a planar cube ,the number of vertices ,no. of edges and no. of faces are          ans: 8,12,6

11.)what is the value of #%#(5) + %%#(9)    where % - Square root        # - Square

12.) g(0)=1 g(1)=-1 if g(n)=g(n-1)+g(n-2) then what is the value of g(6) ?

13.) A = 00001111          B=00110011         C=01010101   then find the decimal equivalent of (AUB)nC

14.)which one of the following will be the exact power of 3?

             a.) 2768  b.)2678   c.)2187 d.) 2188


15.)pick the odd man out

1. JAVA  2.SMALLTALK  3.EIFFEL  4.LISP   5.C++   Ans: 3.)

16.) select odd one

a.)WAP    b.)HTTP  c.)BAAN d.)ARP  e.)SMTP      Ans : BAAN

17.) Select odd one

a .) SQL     b .) DB2    c .) SYBASE     d .) HTTP       Ans:   HTTP

18.) Find units (momentum *velocity)/(acceleration*distance)

19.)In a two dimensional array(9,7) with each element occupying 4 bytes of memory with the address of the first element x(1,1) is 3000,find the address of x(8,5)?

20.) One problem is from time and work

21.) Complete the series 2, 7, 24, 77,__?

22.) A power unit is there by the bank of the river of 750 meters width. A cable is made from power unit to power a plant opposite to that of the river and 1500 mts away from power unit. The cost of cable below water is rs.15/- per meter and cost of cable on the bank is 12/- per meter.Find the total of laying the cable.


23.)   Match the following  

                1. Sentence, paragraph     1. Type of                          

                2. Basmati, wheat                2. A part of

                3. Brother, Sister                  3.Not a type of

                4. Breigal, dog                      4. Sibling

24.) A plane moves from     9deg north 40deg east  to 9deg north 40 deg west. If the plane starts at 10 am   and takes 8 hours to reach the destination,find the local arrival time?


                X             Y

                0              0.00001

                10           1.02

                100         1.72

                1000       3.00

                9999       4.72

26.) In the following string find the occurrence of F followed by u but that is not followed by R.

                                U F R U F D D Y W Z U U F F …………..


1.) (7,0,-7,0,7)       2.)           (7,-7,7,-7,7)           3.) (1,0,-1,0,1);


1.  (2M,3M,4M)    2. (3M,4M,7M)     3. (3M, 5M 9M)

29.) Six questions are from pie charts and venn diagrams which are very very easy.


3. Critical Reasoning:
The critical reasoning questions are from GRE barons (12th edition) model test papers. In this section there are three questions in which each consists of five sub questions. It is a very difficult section  in which at least one question must be

completely correct.

One question I remembered is

A speaks Telugu, B speaks Hindi & Malayalam, C speaks Hindi & English, D speaks Telugu & Hindi, E  is native of a Andhra Pradesh speaks Telugu & English then

1. Who can act as a mediator between A&C?

2. Who can act as a translator between A&B ?  Etc.,    The other two questions are very very difficult.


After written test, the next day is the interview session in which totally 3 rounds are there namely,

Ø      Technical round

Ø      Managerial round(Stress round)

Ø      HR round

The technical questions that were asked me are

§         Tell me about urself

§         What are your favorite subjects?

§         Why did you choose software industry?

§         How many marks do you keep on urself on C language?

§         Write any program you like (I wrote GCD and LCM program)

§         What is a counter? What are the different types of counters?

§         What is a microprocessor and difference between microprocessor and micro controller?

§         Write an assembly language program for division ?

§         Are there any questions to ask?


After technical round Managerial round takes place and there the following questions are asked

§         Tell me about urself

§         What are your strengths? Do you read journals or any magazines or newspapers daily? If so, what are they?

(I answered that I daily read CSR magazine and he asked which concepts do you like most. He was very impressed for that answer.)

§         He asked some puzzles and series completion questions and up to my level best I answered it.


After this round the main round is the HR round in which the following questions are asked

§         The first asked me is how r u and how much fine you are?

§         Can you say anything about social activities in 3 minutes?(I said about slum areas and responsibility of the educational persons)

§         Can you write about any latest technology in any field in 2 minutes?

(I wrote about Mobile internet radio technology called mundu technology and I wrote about it.He was very impressed)

§         Where do you want to see you in next 5 years?

§         If I place you in Iraq can you do the work?(Ans: yes sir ,definitely I do the job)

§         What do you know about TCS?(Latest achievements of the company)

§         For how many years do you like to sign on the bond?


The next day the results are announced and luckily I selected for it.