Tata Consultancy Services Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Maruthi updated on Oct 2020
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Hello friends, I am happy to say that , i got selected in TCS. TCS came to out campus (JNTU Hyd) on 21st june.
Package : 3.15L approx ( B.Tech)
                3.3L  approx ( MTech/MCA)
The selection procedure as follows.

1.Written test (online)
2. Interview

- Technical Round
-  Management Round
-  H R

1. Written Test:
a) Verbal : (32qs)
  Synonyms(10 q) - i got only 2/10 from prev papers, but my friends got more 4m prev papers.
  Antonyms(10 q) - i got more words from GRE 15th edition book (4m model papers n exercise )
  Reading Comprehension & Sentence completion ( 12 q )

b) Aptitude: (38qs)
   Prev papers are enough.

c) Critical Reasoning : (12qs)
    I got motorist related problem , three parties conservative ,democratic ,.. and partu ,bahru passage ,but names  have been changed.
   All qs 4m GRE 13th  edition , go through that one, my friends said that only mug up .Ok may  it fine, but  don't mugup blindly(options like CCBC), bcz they  mayn't ask  all qs relating one passage.My friend got one passage ,which has 6 qs ,but only 4 qs came.

2.Interview :
a) Technical :
I have been asked more qs on project( bcz i am a post grad ). Most of us say that , u need to be more confident to get TR. Yes , u should answer confidently. Actually ,my level of confidence is not much high. I though that , i may rejected ,i had chances of 50/50 . But luckily , i cleared TR.

If u are just comleted ur grad or if u r post grad , plese go through the project once ,the most of qs from project only.they may ask to draw data flow diagrams (to know the flow of project ) also. If u are final yr student, they may ask qs on project u r going to do.
Other than project ,they asked me , qs related to area of interest. and also qs on oops concepts and my area of interest ( i said Comp Networks).
so prepare c,c++,dbms(must 4 CS students) other qs are based on technologies, u put in resume

b) Management Round :
In this round , they may ask qs related to technical/puzzles/hr . here my performance  was well.

c) HR round :
I faced qs like these
   - Why TCS
   - What do you expect 4m TCS as a fresher
   - Qs on long term goals(10 yr), short term goals( 3-5 yr)
   - What are the  resons for gap ( i have gap of one year b/w my grad n post grad)
Some of fiends ,whose performance is above avg in TR also forwared to MR. But they didn't clear the MR.Some students cleared MR , but rejectd at HR. So ,"Don't be comlacent ". ur prev round performance carried to further rounds.
Most of think that , if u r clear Technical , i get selected. I think it's may wrong. In my college some students not clear MR and HR also.

Out of 570  ( appeared 4 written) 144 got selected ( B.Tech+MCA+MSIT+MTech). Around 40(I don't know exactly) students out 144 from MTech only.

All the best for students who wish to be in TCS.
Maruthi V