Tata Consultancy Services Whole-Testpaper Contributed by amit brutta updated on Oct 2020
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7TH FEB 2008


Hi friends!!!


I am AMIT BRUTTA an ECE student of  SUSCET,MOHALI.I got placed in INDIA’S no 1 software company TCS on 8TH FEB,2008.


It was a campus placement for us. A total of 253 candidates appeared In WRITTEN EXAMINATION out of which just 26 cleared APTITUDE test and ONLY 7 were selected after three INTERVIEW LEVELS…..i.e TI,HR,MR.



TCS aptitude test consists of three sections….it is an online aptitude test….it is run on a software named QUBEX…there is minimum cut-off in the test. If u could not clear that cut off a screen saying sorry will end ur dream of getting into TCS. If u clear that cut off u will be displayed a message saying thanks…our time around 73 people got thanks written on the screen…after further shortlisting only 26 were selected to appear for further rounds.


Section 1-:English 

This section was a nightmare for all of us…it was very tough….we all did guess work in this section….there were NO synonyms and antonyms from previous papers….everything was new..but some of my class mates who were very studious told me that it was from BARRONS entirely….but barrons have around 3500 meanings,it is not possible to remember each and every word.


So I think we should leave this section to god….only he can help us In this section…but still I can tell u the pattern of the paper 1









1)In madras temp at noon varies accoring to -t^2/6+4t+12,where t is elapsed time.find how much temp. more or less in 6pm to 8pm?

  2) Power of 4
3) select odd one - java,lisp,smalltalk,eiffel{ans- lisp)
4) select odd one- sql,db2,sybase,http{ M ans-htttp}
5) select odd one-sybase,db2,oracle,unix{ans-unix}
6) find the result of following expression if denotes modulus operation,R denotes round off,T-truncation: M(373,5)+R(3.4)+T(7.7)+R(5.8)Ans- 3+3+7+6=19

7) In Madras , temperature at noon varies according to t^2/2+8t+3,where t is time elasped.find the percentage change in temp.from 4 pm to 9 pm. ? ans- just put the values in given equations and get the difference and calculate % change

8)The program size is N.THE memory occupied by the program is 4000sqrt(N).if the program size is increased by 1%.then what is the percentage increase in memory, ans-  0.5%


9) which curves will be obtained from this.
       x          y

      0          0.00001

     10          1.02

     100        1.72

     1000      3.00     ans- y=log(x).


10) number of edges,faces,vertices of a cube. a) 12,6,8  b) 6,8,12  c)4,6,8  d)8,12,6.    ans-a


11) b,v,q,q,m,b,v,f,m,g,v,f ,f,v,f,m,b,v,f,b,g,d,v,f,a,m,v,f.v,f,f.  how many v's are such that each v is followed by f next to it, if the f is not followed by f next to it.


12) which of the following is orthogonal pair a) 5i+3j  b)i-2c c)2i-j=3d c)3i=5j+6 ans-ac.


13)If g (0)=1,g (1)=1 and g (n)= g (n-1) + g (n –2). Find g (6).
a) 9            b) 13              c) 21          d) 7


14).A plane moves from 9°N60°E to 9°N60°W. If the plane starts at 2 AM and takes 10 hours to reach the destination, find the local arrival time.
a) 4.30 AM         b) 6.00 AM            c) 4.00 AM          d) 10.00AM


15) If DPYGP is coded as BRAIN then EMXCT is coded as ____________?


16)A can copy 50 papers in 10 hours while both A & B can copy 70 papers in 10 hours. Then for how many hours required for B to copy 26 papers? 13


17)In the word ORGANISATIONAL, if the first and second, third and forth, forth and fifth, fifth and sixth words are interchanged up to the last letter, what would be the tenth letter from right?


18)Largest prime no. in a 6 bit,8 bit (Ans 127),9 bit microprocessor


19)............ ...................
Venn Diagram
abt physics, chemistry.....

Please go through as much previous papers as possible….no question will be asked beyond this I suppose…..this is just a rough idea of the paper…just go through this quant area as much as possible because this is the main area of judging.

Section 3-:Critical reasoning

Key to this section is GRE BARRONS 12TH EDITION MODEL TEST PAPER…arrange them from any place….this section is very tough…..same as compared to the level of logical reasoning part in CAT.just go through BARRONS if u wanna clear this part…otherwise forget to clear it…..i arranged the test papers from a friend of mine just a day before and then we studied upto 4am on the previous night….we were 5 friends who studied together on that night out of which just 2 cleared aptitude levels.


Results were announced on same day evening..and my name was ther in the list of 26 qualifiers.. was thrilled a bit  but also was sad beacause my friends couldnot clear it. interviews were sheduled next day i.e 8th feb 2008.

8TH FEB,2008



There were three rounds of interviews…..technical, human resources and managerial skills.


We reached college at 9am..Everything was ready…panelists and all subsequent arrangements.. I was allotted panel no. 7 for technical interview…


We were sitting in a class when I was called…


A friend of mine was already into that interview room. I was the second one to move to the same panel. when she came out she told me that the panel is very strict. I kept my cool and went inside.


Technical interview-:


There were three gentlemen sitting…I must say TCS people are really inspiring. The way they carry themselves in terms of clothes, their i-cards will surely give u a feeling that your life will be transformed after getting into TCS.


I wished all of them good afternoon and the series of questions came….my interview lasted for 55 minutes with lots of ups and downs..the questions were-:


1)So mr. Amit tell me something about yourself?

2)Which subject  u like maximum?

I told anteenas and propagation

3)Tell me something about propagation?

I explained each and every concept to the core

4)construct a transistor in reverse biased condition?

5)ground its base and connect a  resistor to its collector and then tell what will be the change that will be brought in it?

It was a  tough question but I managed to give a satisfactory answer

6)do u know c/c++?

I told him sir that I have a brief idea about the language but I may not be knowing it as good as CSE people may be knowing as I am from ECE background.


The person was impressed.they look for honest people so try to be as much genuine as you can be.they are really good people who could predict that u r saying lies easily


He continued…

7)tell me something about pointers

8)call by value and refrence

9)then he gave me a program and asked whether the call over here is by value or refrence?


I manage to answer each and every ques


Then the another gentlemen over there asked me the questions

So amit how good u r at puzzles??

I said sir in yesterdays test I managed to solve 2 critical reasoning ques out of 3 so I think I am ok in it

He gave me a puzzle to solve…it was basically an LR(logical reasoning) type of puzzle…I managed to solve it…it was tough but god was with me and so was my luck…puzzle was cracked and my impression developed


Then the third gentlemen started off…now the interviewers were cool


Q)So amit u play cricket???which position?

I said opening..i am captain of third year day scholars team


Q)He said why opening??


I am a good striker of the ball


Q)Yuvraj is also a good striker of ball but he comes down the line???y u prefer opening??


Sir as the captain of the team I want that my team should be stress free so I go and score as much runs as I can and relieve my team’s tension and thus it helps us to win


Intr-He said good beta…lage raho!!


Q)So write positions in which a batsman can be out??

I wrote 5 main positions..catch,stumps etc..etc


Q)He said that these are common positions..please mention some uncommon positions.


I told obstruction of the field and time out


Intr-Yup…u r rite


Q)So amit as u r captain I can predict that u like to lead???


Yes sir…I am a good organizer


Q)But amit when u r in TCS forget leadership upto 3 years


And then all of them laughed….


I said sir it would be my advantage to work under the guidance of seniors like u…


Q) do u have any questions???


I said “no sir thanks a lot”


Intr- “thanks amit…have a great life ahead..it was nice interacting with u”


And thus my technical interview ended...everyone of my panel was smiling…I thought that I have made it to next round so started waiting for the call of HR but it never came!!!


HR interview-:


The persons who were selected after Technical round were immediately called for HR interviews but the call for me never came….i waited for about 2 hrs and finally thought that I am eliminated…..went with my friend to hostel to have some snacks and all and thought that now will try in INFY which was coming on 12th feb…but the company I liked to work with was TCS and not INFY so was feeling really sad and then the miracle happened.


I was called for an interview round….was amazed because all HR interviews were over by that time and MR round interviews just started….when went to interview room, I was told that I have to appear for MR…then I realized that my TI was so good that they do not needed my HR interview…and here my confidence boosted…all of my feelings immediately changed…was thrilled again….we were only two guys(me and KARTIK) who passed through just 2 round of interviews….GOD BLESS!!


MR interview-:


This interview was best of all times…loved giving it and hope u all will love reading it…actually the interviewers were super cool…I think the persons involved in TI interview were impressed to a great extent with me, that is the reason the next round was very easy for me….coz 5 eliminations were done on the basis of MR round….so here goes my MR interview.


There were a panel of two people sitting….one of the gentlemen was the same who gave us the PPT.


I wished them good afternoon


q)so amit tell me something about yourself?

q)u won a prize in caption,can u tell me the caption?

q)u  have done street plays…can u tell me the theme behind ur plays??

I explained each and every thing..


Then he closed my file….i thought the interview was over but it was not


q)amit,just chill…kuch suna yar

I asked sir what would you like to listen


q)a joke

I asked VEG or N.VEG


They both laughed and laughed and then said a veg joke will do…


I narrated a joke and they liked it…


U r a cool man amit….so any questions???


I asked a question…he joyfully replied to it….


Great amit!!! move on!!




And this is how my MR round concluded….it was a great interview and I know I will be selected…and the same was the result….I love TCS because it transformed my student life to a great extent…prepare well for it…and u will also see the difference in ur life after u r selected….hope to see u in TCS



Bachelor of Technology(E.C.E)