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Hi everybody,
TCS team visited our college campus on 31st may2008 .I am very happy to share my experience with u bcoz i was benifited more from this website.

TCS pattren consists of four rounds .All are seperate.
Written Test:
It was very easy exam u ever seen before.I think it was the easiest of all... It was online test of 1 1/2hr duration. it consists of

10 synonyms
10 Antonyms
2 paragraphs

Synonyms and antonyms are luck dependent.U may answer easyly upto 3-4 synonyms and 3-4 antonyms. Dont waste time by readindg synonyms and antonyms from GRE Barrons book. If u study 1000 words,u may or may not get 2-3 also.

I haven't studied single word from Barrons but easily answered 4-5 synonyms and 4 antonyms. so,answer them quickly whether u know or not.Then move to paragraphs section.

1st paragraph consists of fill in the blanks type means that a paragraph is given with blanks in between. I got a paragraph with 7 blanks and 10 choices.U need to choose among them.It was very easy.

2nd paragraph is general type.5 questions are given and for each question 4 options are given.

U can easily answer them. The key point when u r answering passages is that dont try to study all the paragraph.

The passages are too lengthy like 3-4 pages.See the question and search for the answer in the paragraph.

For fill in the blanks paragraph,read the 2 lines bfore the blank and answer them easily.

It is the easiest of all questions.Dont try to solve questions in R.S.Aggarwal. Take the previous TCS papers conducted in last 4-5 months and solve them only.

If u solve R.S.Aggarwal,then also take a look at prevoius papers.Dont try to go to exam directly.

If u see previous papers ,then only u can solve them in time. U will get same questions with out changing even the numerals also.

It consists of 38 questions and u have to answer them in 40 min. 32 questions are general aptitude.

3 questions from data interpretation means a bar graph is given and u have to answer the questions based on it.

3 questions from venn diagrams.

they are all very easy.

Critical Reasoning:
This is the most important of all.3 reasoning passages are given consists of 4 questions each. My sincere advice is to solve all critical reasoning passages from GRE Barrons 12th edition model papers. dont miss even single also.Only the names are changed.

In most passages,even the names also are not changed. if u have no time,then byheart even the options also like CBDA etc...

U have to answer at least one of the 3 passages.

It was happend to me on 31-may-2008.The result was displayed on the screen when u complete the test.

Be prepare well for all the sections.There is no upper cutoff. 

Technical Interview:
It was very cool interview.But i feel so much tense at that moment.First when went to the panel ,he asked me about subjects i know.While i am  saying that c,c++,java... he interrupted me and said that they are all under one section.

So,prepare all subjects at a glance if u r from  CSE and IT streams like operating systems,micro processors,computer organisation,DBMS,Data structures,Software Engineering other than above three.

U have to be perfect in atleast one or two of the subjects.Don’t try to bluff,be frank .False answers doesn’t  matters.If u don’t know then u should accept it like saying that i was unable to recollect it sir etc....

He should know that u have the grip on the subject.

I said that DBMS is my favourite subject and he asked me some easy questions in it.I am giving some of the questions faced in the interview.

1.Disadvantage of inheritance.

2.Differance between drop,delete,truncate commands.

3.Differant types of Joins of tables and explain them.

4.Differance between DBMS and RDBMS.

5.Differant types of storage classes in C.

6.What the rollback and commit commands will do.

7.What is commit  point and log table etc.

8.Differant forms of “ls” command in UNIX.

9.What is SDLC(software development lifecycle).

10.What is garbage collection and how it is performed in  JAVA

11.Exception handling in C++,JAVA.

12.What r the topics u know in Computer Organisation.and some other easy questions....these r the main questions asked for me.

So,try to cover  all the core CSE subjects one time.

I answered some of the questions and for some questions ,i frankly said that i am not able to recollect and i don’t know. I thought that i wont clear the Technical round.But i was promoted to the next round.

Its all happend on 2-june-2008.When i went to interview at morning 9’o clock and came out at night 9’o clock but interview happend only for 20-30 minutes.

Management round:
It was the surprising  round for me in all  the rounds of TCS. There are 2 panels for MR round.One of them is selecting all the members he got for the interview and the other is selecting only2-3 people out of 10. I was unfortunately gone for that panel.So i was decided that i’ll be clearly eliminated in this round.He asked about Eng.Drawing,Conputer graphics and some puzzles etc  for the people who gone before me.

But my interview was done very cool.He haven’t asked me questions in above said subjects but he asked me about the movies,hobbies etc .I was done this successfully.My interview is as follows.

I came to college at 9a.m but when I went to MR it was around 8.30 to 8.45p.m

First he asked me to tell about myself.When i came to hobbies,i said that listening to music is my hobby.

HE: Which type of music will u listen.
ME: There is no specific type of music sir but i enjoy any type of music.
HE: Ok.Do u see movies?
ME: No ,sir.
HE: Why don’t u see movies they  r also for the entertainment na?
ME: When i want to get some relaxation i will listen to music sir.I also see some movies which are different and message oriented.
HE: Then,what is ur last movie?

 Then i said the name of an old movie then I explained the message in that movie.He told me that to watch one new movie and he said that there is a message in that.

After that he asked me about my village and how much distance it is and so on...it was done very cool.

After this round, I got some confidence that I can easily crack HR round.

*The key point in this round is that u have to stick on to one side only not like two sides of a coin.

*Be confident when u r telling the answer.U have to be in a posion to justify ur answers.

*Try to tell the truths only.Dont try to bluff.If u tell false,u have to be in a position to answer the consequent questions.

It took 30-45min to complete this round.

It was done for about 10min only.He asked only simple questions.Some of those are as follows.
1.Tell about ur self.
2.What do u know about TCS?
3.Why should i hire u?
4.Will u goto pakistan when the company wants u to go there.
5.Will u read any magazines or books related to personality development?
6.Have u done any mini projects or presented a paper?  and some easy questions only.Give the answers frankly and spontaneously.Dont get tension.